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Welcome to the Science Notes and Projects site, where you’ll find experiments, projects, and notes for all scientific disciplines and educational levels. We make all kinds of printable periodic tables and periodic table wallpapers. Here’s a look at what’s new and some current science projects:

The Latest Science Notes News

I’ve been busy adding reader-requested content! Be sure to check the latest posts for the full rundown of what’s new.

Recent articles include how to shrink a quarter using electricity, how fire works in space. and a baby wipe tie dye project. Readers have requested I up my fractal game by animating them, so I figured out the technique. Here’s my first effort:

Sea Slug Animated Fractal

Sea Slug Animated Fractal

New Periodic Table Poster

Todd completed his latest masterpiece. This periodic table is too large to offers as a printable. It makes a poster that is nearly 4 feet wide by 3 feet high. We also put it on duvet covers, scarves, and whatnot, though I think the poster is where it truly shines. The periodic table is semi-transparent, over a brightly-colored space background. What do you think?

Space Periodic Table Poster

Space Periodic Table Poster

Fire-Filled Weekend

Colored Flames Made Using Chemicals

Colored Flames Made Using Chemicals

Todd is working on a super duper periodic table with a space theme that I hope to show you soon. I made more “productive” use of my time by setting a cookie sheet on fire in the hallway so I could take pictures of colored fire. I’m about ready to get a new phone and want a case that shows real colored fire (not computer trickery), plus I want to upgrade my wardrobe. I tested an idea for a skirt using the fire photo from the Science Notes logo and then I moved on to designs using new images. What do you think? You can find these designs over at my Redbubble store. Todd has some nifty periodic table swag there, too, although we’re still testing big periodic table posters. We want to make sure they print super-clear. Oh, and in case you want to set fires in your hallway (or lab), here’s the tutorial. I made little piles in a row of emergency flare innards (red), a gap (to get orange), table salt (yellow), borax (green), a gap (blue fuel flame color), and potassium nitrate (purple). I dribbled hand sanitizer over it and lit it. Easy peasy and not scary. I promise. Let me know if you want camera setting ideas. That’s a bit trickier, but not too hard.

Colorful Flames T-Shirt

Colorful Flames T-Shirt

Science Notes Colored Fire Skirt

Science Notes Colored Fire Skirt

Make Spring Flowers Using Borax

Spring Crystal Flowers

Spring Crystal Flowers

Or, you could use sugar or salt or any of the usual suspects for growing crystals. There’s a vase of crystal flowers on my kitchen counter. They sparkle and no one has to water them. Win!

No Name Periodic Table

The periodic table without names is likely the addition of interest to Color Periodic Table With No Namesthe most readers. This table is available either colored (with groups) or black and white (no groups indicated), with symbols, atomic numbers, and atomic weights, but no element names. This is a good periodic table to use for quizzes. Feel free to print them and hand them out.

Periodic Table for Kids (or anyone really)

I got an e-mail asking for a periodic table with the atomic weights rounded to two decimal points, to make it easier for students to manage calculations without stressing over significant figures. This new table is available in color or black and white. PDF files are also available.

Color periodic table for kids.

Color periodic table for kids. This table contains each element’s atomic number, symbol, name and atomic mass. The atomic masses are rounded to two places to make any calculations easier.

How To Make Glowing Jewelry

Combine Art and Science To Make Glowing Rings

Combine Art and Science To Make Glowing Rings

As some of you know, when I’m not writing about science, I like to make jewelry. Here’s a project that combines art and science to make rings that glow in the dark. These rings look like quartz or crystal in the light, but glow brilliantly in the dark… all night long.

New Printable Worksheet

We’ve added a new printable worksheet. This one connects the names of common acids to their chemical formulas. You can print both the worksheet and the answer key.

Print a Printable Periodic Table

This new printable periodic table is fresh for the 2015-2016 academic year. It contains the latest IUPAC atomic mass values and has been optimized to print and resize cleanly. We’ve updated the information to reflect the most recent element data. Be sure to check out the interactive periodic table for more detailed information about specific elements.

New Muted Periodic Table

New Muted Periodic Table

Science Fair Help

We’ve started adding science fair resources. Doing a science project this year? I’ve also got extensive project resources over at About.com Chemistry, including loads more project ideas and explanations of variables.

Lists of Things That Glow

Glowing Tritium Keyring (Hiroyuki Takeda)

Glowing Tritium Keyring (Hiroyuki Takeda)

Yes, I have a fascination with light and color! Here are two lists for you. One covers things that glow under black light (fluorescent or phosphorescent), while the other covers things that glow when the lights go out and it’s truly dark. Some items produce luminescence both ways:

Updated Color Periodic Table Wallpaper

Color Periodic Table - 2015 EditionThis table is the updated version of the original color periodic table I did for About Chemistry and the launch of Science Notes. Due to my stellar skills of file management, I thought the original tile colors were gone forever, but I found them in the wrong directory on my backup drive. I was then able to correct the heading on Group 1 and correct the atomic weights on several elements. I’ve added a couple of fun color variations of this periodic table. Check it out!

Periodic Table With Everything

Periodic Table - The WorksWe’ve got a new extremely detailed periodic table, for those who want to see all their facts at a single glance. This table covers element state of matter, electron configuration, electron shells, element symbol, element name, atomic mass, group, period, and maybe some other stuff. We just kept adding facts until we ran out of room!

Free Laboratory Safety Signs

I’ve had a big collection of free lab safety signs you could download and print over at About.com Chemistry, but a year or two ago, they disabled right-clicking the images. So, I’ve started adding the signs over here. You can save them and print them for your lab, your room, etc.

Essential Chemistry Charts and Tables

Sometimes it’s just easier to have a printout of important information. While we’ve had periodic tables since forever, here are a couple new additions you may find helpful. These tables are available as PDF files. You can save these and print them out at your convenience:

Chart of Element Electronegativities

Please let us know if there are specific tables or charts you’d like to see. We’re happy to add them — just helps to know what you need :)

Science Demonstrations and Projects

Here are some of the new projects recently added to Science Notes:



Weird Science Facts

Weird Science Fact: It rains sulfuric acid and snows heavy metals on Venus.

Are you one of those people who enjoys being a treasure trove of random and mostly useless trivia? If so, you may enjoy my (ever-growing) collection of weird science facts. If you have a fact you’d like to see added, feel free to post a reply.

Periodic Table

Color Printable Periodic Table 2015

Color Printable Periodic Table 2015

The most popular periodic table on the site is fresh and up-to-date with the latest IUPAC facts and figures. Need to print a table? This is a good choice. It has the element name, symbol, atomic mass, group, atomic number, etc.

Einstein Sticking Out His Tongue Science Jokes

We’ve added a little humor with a collection of science and math jokes. Spend a little time laughing (or groaning) at the lighter side of science. You’re welcome to post a reply to tell your own science joke!

Chemistry Jokes
Math Jokes
Physics Jokes
Engineer Jokes

Trigonometry Help at Science Notes

Learn to love the triangle. Trigonometry is one of the scientist’s basic tools in their mathematics toolbox. Here are a couple of useful printable reference sheets with trig relationships, special triangles and trig identities. Got requests for trig content? Let us know. We both have degrees in math.

Right Triangles Trigonometry Functions
Special Triangles
Trig Tables – SIN, COS and TAN values PDF
Trig Identities Study Sheet

Science Quizzes

We’ve started adding quizzes to the site. Each quiz has a leaderboard, so you can see if you do better than your friends. You’d think we’d be able to ace quizzes we wrote, but that is not always the case. Therefore, it’s unlikely you’ll see either of our names at the top of the list. Hah!

Periodic Table Trends

Metals, Metalloids and Nonmetals
This periodic table shows the elements and locations of the metals, metalloids and nonmetals. It also lists the common properties of metals, metalloids and nonmetals. You can print out the table the same as any of the periodic tables on the site.

List of Metals
This is a list of the elements considered to be the metal elements along with a periodic table highlighting these elements and their common properties.

List of Metalloids
This is a list of the elements considered to be the metalloid or semimetal elements. It also contains a periodic table highlighting the metalloids and their common properties.

List of Nonmetals
This is a list of all the nonmetal elements, their location on the periodic table and the properties of a nonmetal.

Science Projects

Rainbow Density Column

Rainbow Density Column

I love doing science projects! Here are some new projects, plus some old favorites:

How To Grow Crystals

Chrome Alum

Chrome Alum (Ra’ike)

I’ve added a bunch of new crystal-growing projects for you. Instructions range from crystals grown with home chemicals to easy lab chemical crystals to try. Here are some recent additions:

Our Very First Periodic Table Wallpaper

This was the first table we added to the site and it’s still one of the most popular. The colors are bright, but not too bright, and the text is easy to read. This one prints quite nicely and looks lovely on a monitor.

Periodic Table Wallpaper

Periodic Table Wallpaper

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  1. Marcia Smith

    On your science fair project on how to determine if temperature affects how long bubbles last before they pop,what would you say what you saw during that experiment

    1. Anne Helmenstine Post author

      As you increased temperature, bubbles popped more quickly. Presumably this is due to faster evaporation.

      1. Joshua Lochner

        This is a great website for anyone, doesn’t matter what age, and be able to explore the world of Science and learn more about this amazing subject.

        Your work has inspired me to create a program that may help students to be able to learn more about the elements in a visual way. It is an interactive periodic table of elements which can be downloaded and used offline. I was wondering if you would like to possibly feature it on your website when it is completely done (about 95%, just adding finishing touches 😉 …)

        Kind regards

        1. Anne Helmenstine Post author

          Hi Joshua,

          Sounds cool! Send me a link when it goes live — love to see it and share with my readers!

  2. helen Steely

    wonderful stuff, I asked all my kids to sign up and use it to teach my grandkids! Wish they had teachers like you. I enjoy being old and retired so that I can delve into why things work, you know, like the reason that shining light on stuff you spray on blood to make it fluoresnce happens. double bonds that get excited by visible light. No one to look at me like I am an alien because I keep asking why all the way down to the quantum level. That is what little kids really want to know, deep knowledge whys! You and the great books I can buy used online were what I used to seek in Leery’s, now gone, in Philly.

    1. Todd Helmenstine

      I was so proud of myself when I created that table. It was my first attempt to create a Periodic Table in Illustrator.
      Of course, once you publish something, you start to see all the little errors. The rhenium atomic weight is only one of many on that table.
      I’ve addressed all of these errors in the 2015 Edition of this table.

      1. Gennie

        Todd, the table is absolutely genius !! For all students it will be of great help to visually be able to see and remember relationships within the table. Cheers to your inspiration!! As it will help others in ways to study and make connections so much easier. Wish I had had it in my chemistry class????

  3. Patrycja Chyla-Malima

    Dear Todd,
    I’m a publisher from Namibia. I would like to use your most popular periodic table in the Natural Science and Health Education Grade 7 Learner’s Book I’m busy working on. I would like to ask for your permission to use your periodic table in this publication. I would be happy to acknowledge the image to yourself according to your specifications in the Acknowledgement section of the book (e.g. Todd Helmenstine sciencenotes.org p 41). Please get back to me to discuss this further.

    Warm regards,


    1. Anne Helmenstine Post author

      You’re welcome to use the table for printed material, with acknowledgement, so long as the table is not posted one a website. Thanks!

  4. Yazeed

    Greetings and hi from sunny South Africa.Thanks for a fresh and new theme and treasure trove of info each week.I have a short question that involves both science and jewellery design :),I also recently started delving into jewellery design and with a science background since I could remember starting to walk I recently wanted to do a project to reclaim the gold plating from gold plated belt buckels,then use the gold to make something nice.ive recently read about iodine tincture to dissolve gold and a novel way of refining it.So I have already refined gold from many other sources,my question is,If a gold plated buckle which has a magnetic Base,mainly iron,could I conclude that the iodine would just dissolve the gold plating,thereby putting it into solution where I could recover it with sodium metabisulphite and have no reaction of the iron Base with the iodine used?please give me your insight,as I already enjoy the countless awesum insights you share everytime :).
    Kind Regards
    Yazeed (South Africa)

  5. Gen

    Totally cool , wish I had had this years ago when I was studying Math and chemistry. It would have helped????


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