Anne Helmenstine

This spacewalk would have been a lot more interesting without the space suit and not necessarily fatal. (NASA)

What Really Happens If You’re Exposed to Space   Recently updated !

Space Without a Space Suit Two of my most favorite science fiction movies of all time involve the main characters exposing themselves to low pressure. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) spaces the alien in… well… probably every movie with her and the aliens, but Aliens is the best. Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) spends […]

Make Jumping Rubber or Polybutadiene

Interesting Polymer Chemistry Demonstration The “jumping rubber” polybutadiene reaction is a dramatic chemistry demonstration in which chemicals are reacted and sealed into a container, which pops open, shooting out a polymer “snake”. Here is how to perform the demonstration. Jumping Rubber Polybutadiene Materials Jumping Rubber kit plastic or rubber gloves […]

About 70% of polybutadiene is used to manufacture tires. (Dean Hochman)

Qualitative and Quantitative Data – Definitions and Examples

There are two types of data. Qualitative data is descriptive information about characteristics that are difficult to define or measure or cannot be expressed numerically. Quantitative data is numerical information that can be measured or counted. Qualitative → Qualities Quantitative → Quantities Examples of Qualitative Data feelings and emotions texture […]

Qualitative data describes, while quantitative data is expressed using numbers. (dirkcuys)