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Ever need a basic copy of a periodic table? A black and white printable table is your best friend, when it comes to chemistry calculations. You can print it on any paper or you can color in the element tiles to practice learning element groups. This table uses the latest IUPAC atomic weights, except where the IUPAC cites a range. For those elements, we cited the best single value.

2015 Black and White Periodic Table

2015 Black and White Periodic Table

This printable periodic table is an updated version of the popular Printable Periodic Table for 2015. You can download the PDF of this table to print as many copies as you need. If you would like a full-sized 1920×1080 desktop wallpaper image of this printable periodic table, just click the above image.

For best results, choose the ‘Landscape’ and ‘Fit’ options when printing.

NOTE: Some people (myself included) have found printing this PDF directly from Chrome or Firefox produces a nice collection of blacked out squares. Internet Explorer works just fine. If this happens to you, try saving the PDF to your computer and using a PDF reader program such as Adobe Reader to print the table. Of course, browsers update all the time, so what works today may require a different solution tomorrow. Let us know if you encounter problems. Printing the full-sized periodic table image from the PNG file works well too, since all the tables are HD.

Printing the PDF from some browsers renders each square black. This can be avoided by downloading the PDF and then opening it with a PDF reader like Adobe Reader.

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Christmas Chemis-Tree Printable Periodic Table

Christmas Chemis-Tree Printable Periodic Table

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