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Neon Hexagon Periodic Table Wallpapers – HD Periodic Table Wallpapers

These neon hexagon periodic table wallpapers are made up of hexagons honeycombed together for an interesting and different layout. The text contains each element’s number, symbol, name, and atomic mass.

You may remember these periodic tables as one of our first periodic table wallpaper styles. Since then, there has been the addition of four new elements: 113 (nihonium, Nh), 115 (moscovium, Mc), 117 (tennessine, Ts), and 118 (oganesson, Og). This brings the total number of elements to 118 named elements and completes the Period 7 elements.

Since the table does not look like the usual periodic table, you will have to oscillate right then left and back right again as you move down a column. Horizontal movement works the same as before.

These periodic tables are all suitable for 1920×1080 HD monitors and devices. To download your favorite, just click the image or download the file from the title above each image.

Red Neon Hexagon Periodic Table

Red Neon Honeycomb Periodic Table - 2017 Edition

Red on black for a vaguely sinister feeling periodic table.

Light Blue Neon Hexagon Periodic Table

Light Blue Neon Honeycomb Periodic Table - 2017 Edition

Glowing highlighter blue text is kind of relaxing in its own way.

Green Neon Hexagon Periodic Table

Green Neon Honeycomb Periodic Table

The hexagons of this periodic table have a green radioactive glow.

Aqua Neon Hexagon Periodic Table

Aqua Neon Honeycomb Periodic Table - 2017 Edition

Not quite green, not quite blue. Go for an “Under the Sea” theme with this periodic table.

Blue Neon Hexagon Periodic Table

blue neon hexagon periodic table

Feeling blue? Let these blue hexagons take the blues away!

Purple Neon Hexagon Periodic Table

Purple Neon Honeycomb Periodic Table - 2017 Edition

Purple is the color of royalty. Feel regal with this purple neon periodic table.

Yellow Neon Hexagon Periodic Table

Yellow Neon Honeycomb Periodic Table - 2017 Edition

A yellow theme to warn of danger or marking construction areas. I say this periodic table is dangerous.

Orange Neon Hexagon Periodic Table

Orange Neon Honeycomb Periodic Table - 2017 Edition

Orange text and hexagons put me in mind of pumpkins and Halloween! Trick or Treat yourself to this orange hexagon periodic table.

Pink Neon Hexagon Periodic Table

Pink Neon Honeycomb Periodic Table - 2017 Edition

Pink hexagons make a simply awesome color for a high contrast desktop wallpaper. Go Pink!

Gold Neon Hexagon Periodic Table

gold neon hexagon periodic table

This is the gold standard of neon hexagon periodic tables!

White Neon Hexagon Periodic Table

White Neon Honeycomb Periodic Table - 2017 Edition

White on black for that chalkboard periodic table you’ve always wanted.

Inverted Hexagon Periodic Table

Inverted Honeycomb Periodic Table - 2017 Edition

This periodic table looks kind of spooky and skeletal!

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High Quality Periodic Table Wallpaper – 118 Button Elements

This high-quality periodic table wallpaper is the updated version of the Periodic Table Circle Buttons Wallpaper. This newer version includes the recently approved names for elements 113, 115, 117, and 118: nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganesson.

Each button tile contains, from top to bottom, the element’s number, symbol, name, and atomic mass. The different colors represent the different element groups.

High-quality Button Periodic Table Wallpaper - 2017This image is 1920×1080 pixels to fit widescreen HD devices. Click the image to view the full-sized image or download it directly.

The element buttons stand out a little better with a dark background. Download the black background version of this table or click the image.

High-quality Periodic Table Wallpaper - Black Background - 2017

Another alternative is the table with a starfield background. Still black, but a little more interesting.

Download your favorite to your desktop today! If you enjoy this periodic table, periodic table wallpapers.



Christmas Periodic Table Wallpaper with 118 Elements

Add a little cheer to your desktop with this Christmas periodic table wallpaper!

2016 Christmas Periodic Table WallpaperThis colorful periodic table contains ten different holiday icons to represent the different element groups. Each of these icons contains the element’s atomic number, symbol, name and atomic mass.

This periodic table has the added bonus of including the proposed names and symbols for elements 113, 115, 117 and 118. This wallpaper has a resolution of 1920×1080 and suitable for any screen. Click the image or download it directly.

If you would like to print up a Christmas Periodic Table poster, there is a PDF version of this fun table. Posters require multiple pages, some scissors, and sticky tape construction, but look great when finished. Choose “Poster” as your print option. If you would prefer a single page copy, just select ‘Fit’ and ‘Landscape’ for your print options.

Another fun way to use this table is available through our Redbubble store. This table makes a unique Christmas card option for your chemistry minded friends and family. Grab yours today.


Color Periodic Chart

New Color Periodic Chart

This periodic chart is a colorful addition to the periodic table wallpaper collection.

Periodic Chart

Color Periodic Chart

Each element group is represented by a different colored cell containing the element’s atomic number, element symbol, name and atomic mass.

The full-sized image is 1920×1080. This makes it perfectly suited to use as a HD wallpaper for your computer or any other device.

If a darker wallpaper is preferred, the same table with white labels on a black background is just the thing you need.

Periodic Table Chart - Dark BackgroundIf you like this periodic table, check out our other periodic table wallpapers.

Color Periodic Table – 2015

This color periodic table is the updated version of the original color periodic table wallpaper made for this site.

Color Periodic Table - 2015 Edition

Color Periodic Table – 2015 Edition

The 2015 version of this HD table has the same color scheme as the original table along with corrected atomic weights and the minor correction of the group 1 heading.

This 1920×1080 color periodic table works great as a widescreen device wallpaper with each element’s atomic number, symbol, name and atomic mass. It readily resizes to adapt to other screen or paper sizes.

If you’d like to print up a copy, feel free to print the image files or else a PDF of this table is available for download.

For people who prefer darker wallpapers, the next periodic table has the same colored tiles on a black background. The element facts are exactly the same.

Color Periodic Table - 2015 Edition with Black BackgroundFor a little variety, I have included two other versions of this periodic table wallpaper. The first is a negative version of the original table. Same information, just reversed color scheme. It turned out kind of neat.

Inverted Color Periodic Table

Inverted Color Periodic Table

The second variation changed the gradients used in the individual tiles to slightly posterized bands of color for an interesting effect. This one prints up very nicely!

Periodic Table Poster

Periodic Table Poster

Download your favorite by clicking on the image you prefer. If you’d like to have the original, I’ve got that for you as well.

Periodic Table Wallpaper

Periodic Table Wallpaper

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Season's Chemistry Greetings

Season’s Chemistry Greetings


Periodic Table With Everything

This color periodic table wallpaper has everything!

Periodic Table - The WorksEach cell contains the element’s atomic number, atomic mass, element symbol, name, electron shell populations by energy level and electron configuration. The element symbols are color coded to reflect the element’s state at room temperatures. Black for solid, blue for liquid and white for gaseous.

Each cell is colored to reflect the element group of the element. The color legend appears along the bottom of the image.

The full-sized image is 1920×1080. This makes the image suitable for a widescreen wallpaper on any HD device. Click the image above to download the full sized image.

Printing this table is easier with the PDF of this table. Set your print options to ‘fit’ and ‘landscape’ to make it fit on a single page. If you prefer a poster sized print, choose the poster setting to print across several sheets of paper.

If this table is too bright for your desktop, try this version with a black background.

Periodic Table Wallpaper - The Works with Black BackgroundDownload your favorite periodic table with everything today!

If this periodic table wallpaper isn’t exactly what you are looking for in a periodic table wallpaper, we have a large assortment of other tables to choose from.

Periodic Table of Element Discovery Dates

Have you ever wondered when, exactly, each of the chemical elements was discovered or first synthesized? These periodic table wallpapers contain the dates of discovery of each element.

DiscoveryPeriodicTableEach element is identified by their atomic number, symbol, name and discovery date. The colors correspond to the different eras of chemistry.

Color Codes for Element Discovery

  • Red – Known to ancient man. These elements typically appear native in nature and were easily discovered by alchemists.
  • Orange – 1600-1799. These elements were discovered during the transition from alchemy to the science of chemistry.
  • Yellow – 1800-1849. These elements were discovered during the industrial revolution and the rapid rise of chemistry.
  • Green – 1850-1899. These elements were mostly discovered through the new technique of spectroscopy.
  • Blue – 1901-1949. Elements in this period were discovered during the rise of quantum mechanics.
  • Dark Blue – 1950-1999. These elements were discovered during the nuclear age and nuclear accelerators.
  • Violet – 2000 to Present. These elements are the elements of the 21st Century. A few of these have claims of discovery, but have not been confirmed.

These dates correspond to the date of initial discovery. Many elements were not confirmed or isolated for many years after their discovery.

This periodic table discovery dates is also available with a darker background for those that prefer a darker, high-contrast background.

Discovery Periodic Table Black BackgroundEach wallpaper is 1920×1080 in dimensions and suitable for any widescreen device. Click the image to view the full-sized periodic table.