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Colorful 2017 Periodic Table with 118 Element Names

2016 is the first year people can use a periodic table with all 118 blocks filled with element names and symbols! Here’s a new colorful periodic table you can print, to make handouts, posters, or study guides.

Colorful Periodic Table with White Background

Here’s the table with the “white” background. Actually, it’s transparent, so if you print it on colored paper or fabric, the color will show through.

Colorful Periodic Table with 118 Elements

Colorful Periodic Table with 118 Elements

Colorful Periodic Table with Black Background

Here’s the black background version of the table:

Periodic Table with 118 Elements - Dark Background

Periodic Table with 118 Elements – Dark Background

Colorful Periodic Table PDF

There’s also a PDF of this table you can download with a transparent background. This image is gigantic, intended to look great even on 4K monitors.

Periodic Table Printing Instructions

The image is smaller than the file (so the page will load), so to get the full-sized version, click the link for the color of image you prefer. Then you can download or print it.

Copyright Information

We didn’t put the copyright on the picture because it’s prettier this way, but we do retain all rights to the images. As always, you’re welcome to put the table on your computer, phone, or other mobile device and print it to hand out or put on your wall. Please don’t post it on your website, or we’ll ask you to take it down. If you wish to use the image in a book or publication, just send a note and we’ll likely give you permission 🙂

Wear the Periodic Table (or Drink from It)

Periodic Table Hoodie

Periodic Table Hoodie

We’ve teamed up with Redbubble to offer this table and the individual element tiles on a variety of products, including full-size posters, t-shirts, coffee mugs, leggings, you name it. You can find this table (and many more) at our shop. If you see something on the site you’d like, but can’t find it on the shop, just post a note and we’ll fix you up.

Cosmic Background Periodic Table – Free Printable

The colorful printable periodic table features a cosmic or space-themed background. You can use the 1920 x 1280 pixel cosmic background periodic table as a wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device, too.

Cosmic Background Periodic Table

Cosmic Background Periodic Table

We chose not to color the element groups for this table. This periodic table features element names, symbols, atomic numbers, and atomic weights. The table is new for 2016, using the most recent atomic data.

We’ll be adding a PDF of this table. Post a comment if there are other options you’d like to see!

Get the Cosmic Background Periodic Table

Periodic Table Poster

Periodic Table Poster

Download the periodic table by right-clicking on the image and saving it to your device. For best printing results, choose landscape orientation and “fit to print” to completely fill the page.

If you need a larger periodic table, this image is available as a poster on Redbubble in a variety of sizes, up to 47″ x 31″.