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Large Print Periodic Table

No time for fine print. This large print periodic table will help you with your eye strain.

Color Large Print Periodic Table

Color Large Print Periodic TableThis color periodic table contains the usual element numbers, symbols, element names, and atomic masses, but has the added bonus of larger type. This periodic table includes all 118 elements known as of 2017.

The element names are as large as I could consistently make them. I chose to make the names a uniform font size with the exception of the really long ones (rutherfordium, darmstadtium, roentgenium, and praseodymium). The rest of the information is much easier to read than the usual printable periodic table.

To print, download the PDF and choose either “Fit” or “Shrink oversized pages” under Page Sizing and Handling in the print options. Remember to choose Landscape for your orientation to use more space on the paper.

Black and White Large Print Periodic Table

This is basically the same table, only monochromatic!

Large Print Periodic TableDownload this PDF if you don’t have access to a color printer, or just want to save your color inks or toners. Choose the same options as the color periodic table to print on a single sheet of paper.

If you like this table, check out our other printable periodic tables.

Printable Periodic Table Element Symbols

I LuV YOU with Periodic Table Element Symbols

I LuV YOU with Periodic Table Element Symbols

Here’s a collection of all 118 periodic table element symbols. You can print them and put them together to make words and signs. These images are optimized to print and resize cleanly with a small file size. You’re welcome to print them for your classroom, parties, decorations, etc. However, they’re copyrighted, so please don’t post them online or use them for products to sell.

If you’d like to see an element with a different color background or spelling, just post a reply. I have added Aluminium and Sulphur.

How To Download and Save the Color Element Symbols

The images are large, so rather than post them full-size, each element symbol is linked to its own page. To get the symbol, click the element and go to its page and right click and save the image.

Words and Sentences Made With Element Symbols

Element Symbol Mug

Need ideas? Here’s a list of words and even complete sentences you can make with these element symbols.

These symbols are also available on stickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and notebooks at Redbubble (along with our other cool stuff!).

Color Element Symbols (in order)

Hydrogen Element Symbol002-Helium003-Lithium004-Beryllium005-Boron006-Carbon007-Nitrogen008-Oxygen009-Fluorine010-Neon011-Sodium012-Magnesium013-Aluminum013-Aluminium014-Silicon015-Phosphorus016-Sulfur016-Sulphur017-Chlorine018-Argon019-Potassium020-Calcium021-Scandium022-Titanium023-Vanadium024-Chromium025-Manganese026-Iron027-Cobalt028-Nickel029-Copper030-Zinc031-Gallium032-Germanium033-Arsenic034-Selenium035-Bromine036-Krypton037-Rubidium038-Strontium039-Yttrium040-Zirconium041-Niobium042-Molybdenum043-Technetium044-Ruthenium045-Rhodium046-Palladium047-Silver048-Cadmium049-Indium050-Tin051-Antimony052-Tellurium053-Iodine054-Xenon055-Cesium056-Barium057-Lanthanum58-Cerium059-Praseodymium060-Neodymium061-Promethium062-Samarium063-Europium064-Gadolinium065-Terbium066-Dysprosium067-Holmium068-Erbium069-Thulium070-Ytterbium071-Lutetium072-Hafnium073-Tantalum074-Tungsten075-Rhenium076-Osmium077-Iridium078-Platinum079-Gold080-Mercury081-Thallium082-Lead083-Bismuth084-Polonium085-Astatine086-Radon087-Francium088-Radium089-Actinium090-Thorium091-Protactinium092-Uranium093-Neptunium094-Plutonium095-Americium096-Curium097-Berkelium098-Californium099-Einsteinium100-Fermium101-Mendelevium102-Nobelium103-Lawrencium104-Rutherfordium105-Dubnium106-Seaborgium107-Bohrium108-Hassium109-Meitnerium110-Darmstadtium111-Roentgenium112-Copernicium113-Nihonium114-Flerovium115-Moscovium116-Livermorium117-Tennessine118-Oganesson

Periodic Table with 118 Elements

Here’s the first periodic table with 118 names and elements. The IUPAC has formally approved the element names and symbols for elements 113, 115, 117, and 118. If those change, we’ll fix the table. The approved names and symbols for these elements are nihonium (Nh, element 113), moscovium (Mc, element 115), tennessine (Ts, element 117), and oganesson (Og, element 118).

2016 Periodic Table with 118 Element Names and Symbols

2017 Periodic Table with 118 Element Names and Symbols

2016 Edition Periodic Table with 118 Elements with Black Background

2017 Edition Periodic Table with 118 Elements with Black Background

These periodic tables are free to download and print. To save, right-click the image. The table with the white background is also available as a PDF file. To print this file, choose ‘Fit’ for your printing option to get the best results. The image is optimized to fit on high definition screens and devices with a resolution of 3840×2160 and below.

Pre-Printed Periodic Table Posters, T-Shirts, and More

T-Shirt with 118 Element Periodic Table

T-Shirt with 118 Element Periodic Table

Another option, besides printing the table yourself, is to purchase it. We’ve teamed up with Redbubble to put the 118 element table on posters, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and a bunch of other items.

The background on the table is transparent, so if there’s a color you’d like to see featured, just let us know. You can find the periodic table products here.

Previous Version of the Muted Table

The 2017 periodic table is the updated version of the muted periodic table, which dates back to 2011. If you’re not quite ready for the new elements on your table, the 2015 muted table is still available:

Muted Periodic Table

Muted Periodic Table

Periodic Table for Kids – Printable Element Chart

A periodic table for kids isn’t just some scaled down cartoon periodic table. It features bright rainbow colors, plus some nice features for your chemistry calculations.

Color Periodic Table for Kids

Color Periodic Table for Kids

This color periodic table has all the useful information of other periodic tables, such as atomic number, element symbol, element name, and atomic mass. The rainbow colors of each cell indicates the element group.  The difference between a kid’s periodic table and other tables is the atomic masses have been rounded to two decimal points. This avoids issues of significant figures when learning basic chemistry homework concepts that may distract the student.

This periodic table is optimized to print on a single 812 by 11″ sheet of paper. Just download the PDF file and choose Landscape as your print option.

Black and White Periodic Table for Kids

If you don’t have access to a color printer, or just prefer a monochromatic option, here’s a black and white high resolution periodic table.

Printable Kids Periodic Table - Black and White

Printable Kids Periodic Table – Black and White

This printable periodic table is also optimized to fit on a single sheet of paper, without the colors or element groups. Download the PDF to print off your own copy.

Printable Element Picture Quiz

Can you identify the elements based on how they look? Here’s a printable multiple choice quiz you can take to test yourself. The photos are of the elements in their pure form. The picture may contain additional clues about an element’s identity.

Element Picture Quiz – Question #1

This is a picture of which element?This one is intended to be a confidence builder. These are diamonds. Diamonds are pure examples of which element?

(a) boron
(b) carbon
(c) iron
(d) nitrogen
(e) oxygen

Element Picture Quiz – Question #2

CopperYou may encounter this element in pure form fairly often. This metallic element is:

(a) bronze
(b) copper
(c) brass
(d) zinc
(e) gold

Element Picture Quiz – Question #3

This is a picture of a nonmetallic element.This yellow element is a component of gunpowder. It is:

(a) chlorine
(b) copper
(c) gold
(d) selenium
(e) sulfur

Element Picture Quiz – Question #4

The element mercury is a dense silvery liquid at room temperature. Bionerd, Creative Commons LicenseThis metallic element is a liquid at room temperature. It is:

(a) mercury
(b) lead
(c) iron
(d) iodine
(e) bromine

Element Picture Quiz – Question #5

These are crystals of pure a pure element.

This yellowish metal occurs in its pure form, but it is usually encountered as an alloy. The element is:

(a) platinum
(b) indium
(c) gold
(d) copper
(e) brass

Element Picture Quiz – Question #6

Lead is a heavy metal that is bluish-white when freshly cut, but tarnishes to a dull gray upon exposure to air. The pure metal is used for radioactive shielding, among other purposes. L. Chang, wikipedia.org

The pure metal is used for radioactive shielding, among other purposes. L. Chang, wikipedia.org

This metallic element looks much like many others. The big clue for this metal’s identity is how it is being used. This element is:

(a) silicon
(b) titanium
(c) iron
(d) lead
(e) beryllium

Element Picture Quiz – Question #7

Image of solid, liquid, and gaseous nitrogen. chemdude1, YouTube.comYou usually encounter this element as a gas, though it is possible to find it in liquid form. You aren’t likely to see the solid except in this photo. The element is:

(a) radon
(b) nitrogen
(c) hydrogen
(d) helium
(e) chlorine

Element Picture Quiz – Question #8

Uranium is a silvery-white metal. Photo is a billet of highly enriched uranium recovered from scrap processed at the Y-12 Facility in Oak Ridge, TN. U.S. Department of EnergyYou would wear protective gloves to hold this radioactive element. The metal is warm to the touch. This is:

(a) cerium
(b) iron
(c) lithium
(d) lead
(e) uranium

Element Picture Quiz – Question #9

Silicon wafer with a mirror finish. NASA Glenn Research Center (NASA-GRC)This element is a semimetal or metalloid. It may be produced in ultra-pure form, though you more commonly encounter its oxides in daily life. This is:

(a) silicon
(b) selenium
(c) bromine
(d) aluminum
(e) cobalt

Element Picture Quiz – Question #10

Can you identify this gas in the element picture quiz?Ok, this isn’t totally pure, but the majority of the picture is of one element. It’s the most abundant element in the universe. This element is:

(a) oxygen
(b) nitrogen
(c) hydrogen
(d) helium
(e) carbon


1 b, 2 b, 3 e , 4 a, 5 c, 6 d, 7 b, 8 e, 9 a, 10 c

Printable Protractors

Have you ever needed a protractor but couldn’t find one? Here’s a pair of printable protractors available whenever you want one.

These printable protractors have the added benefit to be transparent images which makes them extremely useful to print on transparencies. This allows you to look through the protractor while you use it. Click the image to open the full-sized image. Alternatively, the PDF files provide protractors with clearer text and sharper lines.

The first is the typical 180° protractor with a six-inch ruler along the bottom.
Download the PDF of this protractor.

Printable Protractor and RulerThe second is a round protractor for the full 360° experience.
Download the PDF of this protractor.

Printable Protractor 360

Black and White Printable Periodic Table Chart with Oxidation States – 2015

This black and white printable periodic table chart is an updated version of the Printable Periodic Table – Element Charges. Each element cell contains the atomic number, symbol, name, atomic mass and most common valence charge of each element.

Black and White Periodic Table of Element Charges - 2015The table is available for download in PDF format for offline printing.
For best results, choose Landscape and ‘Fit’ for the size option.

A color version of this table is available for use with color printers or as a colorful desktop wallpaper for your computer or mobile devices.