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Black Snake Firework (Anne Helmenstine) 1
Black snake fireworks are small, non-exploding fireworks that you ignite to push out a growing column of black ash. While you can buy these fireworks, they are easy to make using kitchen ingredients and a fuel. Materials 4 teaspoons powdered or confectioner sugar (sucrose) 1 teaspoon baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) […]

Homemade Black Snake Fireworks

The barking dog reaction is a classic chemistry demonstration involving fire and a loud ‘woof’. The reaction seems to proceed down a long a tube from end to end, but if you view the reaction in slow motion, the wave front moves unevenly down the tube. You may have seen […]

Slow Motion Barking Dog Offers Some Surprises

Periodic Table Wallpaper 2
Free Periodic Table Wallpaper This colorful free periodic table wallpaper is available as a high def (HD) wallpaper or it can be printed for studying or making a periodic table poster. To get the image, just click the image to open it and save it to your device. The chart that appears to have […]

Free Periodic Table Wallpaper

Element cells are the blocks that give information about individual elements on the periodic table. This is a collection of cards for all of the elements on the periodic table, including the element name, symbol, atomic number, and atomic weight. The cells are color-coded according to the element group (e.g., alkali metals, […]

Periodic Table Element Cards

Tin Alchemy Symbol
This is a collection of tin alchemy symbols. Notice the ‘Z’-shaped symbol closely resembles one common symbol for zinc. Tin was often associated with the planet Jupiter and shares the same symbols in some cases. The symbol used for Jupiter is generally shaped like a ‘4’.

Tin Alchemy Symbols