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Copper plate an ornament or other metal object using electrochemistry. (Joanna Kosinska)
Have you ever tried to plate copper? It’s much less expensive than gold or silver, yet incredibly beautiful. Use simple┬áredox chemistry to make a keepsake copper ornament. Can you think of a better way to remember how much fun you had in chem class? Copper Plating Materials metal for the […]

How To Copper Plate an Ornament

Here are some useful physical constants, conversion factors, and unit prefixes. They are used in many calculations in chemistry, as well as in physics and other sciences. Useful Constants Acceleration of Gravity 9.806 m/s2 Avogadro’s Number 6.022 x 1023 Electronic Charge 1.602 x 10-19 C Faraday Constant 9.6485 x 104 […]

Physical Constants, Prefixes, and Conversion Factors

Peppermint Slime
Here’s a simple slime recipe that’s perfect for the winter holidays! This peppermint slime smells like candy canes. You can color it green or red or even combine clear and white batches to get a candy appearance. It won’t taste like candy canes, but it’s not toxic (just in case […]

How To Make Peppermint Slime

Spamazing Science Kit (Amazon)
There are so many science kits for kids on the market, it’s hard to separate the ones that are educational and fun from the ones that are duds. Here are my picks for the top science kits on the market for 2016. I’ve added links so you can compare prices […]

Top Science Kits for Kids