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Statistics Bar Graph
The term “average” is not used in statistics. Instead, statisticians choose the terms mean, median and mode to express an “average” for numeric data. Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Definitions First, let’s review what these terms mean: Mean: Usually, “average” is the mean. The mean is the average of a […]

How to Calculate Mean, Median and Mode

SI Units Word Search 1
This SI units word search puzzle contains vocabulary words dealing with base and derived SI units used in science. These terms can be found horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Click the image for full-size or download the PDF and give it a try. If you would like some help finding some of the terms, take a peek […]

SI Units Word Search Puzzle

In most laboratory settings, a stock solution is created when a compound is used over and over. This stock solution will have a high concentration. If lower concentrations are needed, a dilution is performed. A dilution is a process where the concentration of a solution is lowered by adding solvent […]

Dilution Example Problems

Here is another collection of periodic table element cells. Mix and match them to make phrases and words with the element symbols. To make life easier, here is the entire collection of 118 cells in one handy download: Other periodic table element cells collections: Original Set Color Element Cells […]

Color Periodic Table Element Cells

Einstein Sticking Out His Tongue
“Physics is Phun!” is what young physics students are told. You get to play with cool toys and call it ‘lab’. All you have to do is love playing with math too. In the spirit of “Phun” here are a few physics jokes and puns. Chemistry jokes are funny periodically, […]

Funny Physics Jokes and Puns