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Argon Ice 1
Argon is the 18th element of the periodic table. These argon facts contain chemical and physical data along with general information and history. Basic Argon Facts Name: Argon Atomic Number: 18 Element Symbol: Ar Group: 18 Period: 3 Block: p Element Family: Noble Gas Atomic Mass: 39.948(1) Electron Configuration: [Ne]3s23p6 (shorthand) or 1s22s22p63s23p6 (full) Discovery: Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay in 1894 Rayleigh noticed a […]

Argon Facts

One interesting chlorine element fact is that the liquid is yellow. Credit: Workingclass91/Creative Commons 1
Chlorine is the 17th element of the periodic table. These chlorine facts contain chemical and physical data along with general information and history. Basic Chlorine Facts Name: Chlorine Atomic Number: 17 Element Symbol: Cl Group: 17 Period: 3 Block: p Element Family: Halogen Atomic Mass: [35.446; 35.457] IUPAC guidelines to reflect the physical and chemical history of the magnesium sample. If […]

Chlorine Facts

Shark Word Search 1
Get ready to hunt for sharks! Shark terms that is. This shark word search puzzle contains vocabulary words associated with sharks and shark breed names. Find the words horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Click the image above for full-sized version of the puzzle, or download a PDF for easier printing. If […]

Shark Word Search

Dinosaur Word Search Solution
Word search puzzles are always fun. Check out this dinosaur word search puzzle with the names of thirty different dinosaurs. Search for the dinosaur names horizontally, vertically and diagonally through the puzzle. This puzzle is available for download as a PDF file, or you can click the image above for […]

Dinosaur Word Search Puzzle