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Anne Helmenstine

Anne Helmenstine

Anne Helmenstine is a science writer and scientist with multidisciplinary training. She holds bachelor of arts degrees in physics and mathematics from Hastings College (Hastings, Nebraska) and a doctorate of philosophy in biomedical sciences from the University of Tennessee (Knoxville, TN).

Dr. Helmenstine is the owner of the Science Notes website, started in 2013. From 2001 to 2017, she was the chemistry expert for Now she is a science writer at ThoughtCo (formerly About). She has been writing science articles for websites since 2001.

Dr. Helmenstine has been a college professor and scientist. She is also a musician and jewelry design artist. Interests include travel, water sports, and amateur astronomy.

She is presently a full-time freelance science writer and photojournalist, working out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Houston, Texas.

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