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A dandelion burns in colors, including violet, blue, red, orange, and yellow. (Henry Be)
Back in 2013, a photo of a dandelion burning in a rainbow of colors went viral on the internet. The original photograph was taken by Gregory Gomer. That picture looks like what you’d expect. It’s a dandelion, engulfed in flame, pretty much just orange. Clearly, the viral image had been […]

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Once water starts boiling, its temperature remains stable. (chuttersnap)
Do you know what happens to the temperature of water boiling in a pot on high heat? It’s a common science question, particularly for tests, because knowing the answer shows how well you understand the process of boiling. The answer is the water reaches its boiling point temperature and stays […]

Does Boiling Water Keep Getting Hotter?

Glow stick lanterns are quick and easy to make.
Glow jars make great night lights, party lights, or fairy lights. There are different ways to make them and lots of cool effects you can create. Here is a collection of easy glow jar tutorials for you to try and a look at the pros and cons of each type […]

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The best rose water is distilled or purified via solvent extraction. (Carlos Quintero)
Rose water is water that is scented and flavored with rose petals. It’s used in food and drink recipes, as a facial toner, to scent baths, and as a perfume. If you have a lot of roses, it’s easy to make homemade rose water. Here are two simple recipes to […]

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It takes a lot of black dye to make solid black crystals.
Black crystals can look translucent, like black diamonds or smoky quartz, or opaque, like anthracite. You can take most crystal recipes and use them to grow black crystals. The Secret to Black Crystals While it’s easy to grow crystals in rainbow colors, black is a little trickier because a lot […]

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