Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheet 1

The best way to become proficient at balancing chemical equations is practice. This balancing chemical equations worksheet has ten unbalanced equations to practice your skills.

Balance Equations Worksheet

Download the PDF of the worksheet here.

A PDF of the answer key is also available or if you’d like to quickly check your answers, click here to see the completed worksheet.

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One thought on “Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheet

  • Anne Helmenstine

    There is a key. Scroll past the worksheet to see the link for the key (PDF so you can print plus also a link to view it online). We didn’t post it on the same page so people trying to quiz themselves wouldn’t be tempted to peek. If you think it’s more helpful to have the worksheet and key on the same page, I can change that. Just let me know what helps you the most 🙂

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