Blank Periodic Table 3

How well do you know the periodic table? The answer may surprise you.

Blank_Periodic_TableDownload this PDF file and print out the blank table. Test yourself by filling out as many of the squares as you can. Check your answers with a filled out periodic table.

If you’d rather have your table with Lanthanum and Actinium up in the main body of the table while keeping the rest of the f-block elements down below you can use this blank table instead.


The PDF of this blank table can be downloaded here.

If you feel you need a target to beat, I got 75 out of 118 elements. Turns out, I don’t know my lanthanides and several period 4 and 5 elements as well as I thought I did. Post your scores in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Blank Periodic Table

  • Jennifer Reid

    Hi, I used your blank periodic table in my introductory chemistry course when I was teaching about filling orbitals with electrons, and the fact that the “f groups”, the lanthanides etc. had 15 in each row made it difficult to teach. Anyway, I see why you have it that way from the ones you did with the element symbols. Just wanted to let you know about the slightly embarrassing moment I had in front of my class this semester.