Bohrium Facts – Element 107 or Bh

Element 107 - Bohrium
Element 107 – Bohrium

Element Name: Bohrium (formerly Nielsbohrium)

Atomic Number: 107

Symbol: Bh

Atomic Weight: [264]

Discovery: Dubna (Russia) 1975 or Heavy Ion Research Lab (Germany) 1976

Electron Configuration: [Rn] 7s2 5f14 6d5

Word Origin: Formerly Ns, Nielsbohrium. Named in honor of Niels Bohr.

Sources: Bohrium is a man-made element. In 1976, Soviet scientists at Dubna announced they had synthesized element 107 by bombarding Bi-204 with heavy nuclei of Cr-54. There are reports that the element was ‘glimpsed’ for 2/1000 s in 1975. Bohrium was produced by bombarding a rapidly rotating cylinder target, coated with a thin layer of bismuth metal, with a stream of tangentially fired Cr-54 ions. West German physicists at the Heavy Ion Research Laboratory at Darmstadt verified the existence of element 107, creating and identifying six nuclei of Bohrium.

Element Classification: Transition Metal

Appearance: radioactive synthetic metal

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