Borax Crystal Heart Science Project

Grow a Borax Crystal Heart
Grow a sparkling borax crystal heart overnight.
Borax Crystal Heart
Borax Crystal Heart

Grow borax crystals overnight to make a beautiful sparkling crystal heart. Use the borax crystal heart as a decoration or simply grow it as a fun crystal project.


All you need is borax, water, and a pipe cleaner (chenille craft stick):

  • Borax
  • Water
  • Pipe cleaner

Find borax in the grocery store either as a laundry booster or roach killer.

Make a Borax Crystal Heart

  1. Shape the pipe cleaner like a heart. It’s fine to have a ‘stem’ at the bottom of the heart, since this will give you a way to suspend the heart in the crystal growing solution. You can always clip it later with scissors or wire cutters.
  2. Prepare the crystal growing solution by stirring borax into boiling hot water until it stops dissolving. You can tell you have enough borax if a little powder starts to accumulate in the bottom of the container.
  3. Add food coloring, if desired. Alternatively, if you want a colored heart you can simply use colored pipe cleaners.
  4. Place your heart shape into a container. It’s best if the heart doesn’t touch the sides or bottom of the container, which you can achieve by hanging the heart from a pencil or butter knife. However, you’ll get decent results just setting the heart into the container.
  5. Pour the borax crystal solution into the container, being certain all of the heart is covered. Try to avoid getting any undissolved solid into this container.
  6. Allow the crystals to grow on the heart for several hours or overnight. When you are satisfied with the crystals on the heart, remove it from the crystal solution and allow it to dry. You can hang the heart as a decoration. The crystal heart may be stored wrapped in tissue paper or you can preserve them as keepsakes.

Try Other Shapes

Of course, the same technique works with other shapes. Try borax crystal snowflakes or stars!