Element Names Spelled Using Periodic Table Symbols

Element Names from Element Symbols
Krypton is one of the element names that can be spelled using symbols.

There are exactly 14 element names that can be spelled out using element symbols. Can you name them? Here is the list, in alphabetical order:

  1. ArSeNiC (or ArSeNIC)
  2. AsTaTiNe
  3. BiSmUTh (or BISmUTh)
  4. CArBON (or CaRbON)
  5. CoPPEr (or COPPEr)
  6. IrON
  7. KrYPtON
  8. NeON
  9. PHOsPHORuS (or PHOSPHORuS or PHOsPHoRuS or several other ways)
  10. SiLiCoN (or SILiCoN or SiLiCON or SILiCON)
  11. SiLvEr (SILvEr)
  12. TeNNeSSiNe
  13. TiN
  14. XeNoN (or XeNON)

The element names for arsenic, copper, iron, silver, tennessine, and tin cannot be spelled using their own element symbols. The names for astatine, bismuth, carbon, krypton, neon, silicon, and xenon may be spelled using their own element symbols.