Cat Periodic Table Wallpaper – 2015 4

These periodic table wallpapers are a little different. Each element group is represented by a different drawing of a cat.

Each cat represents an element and contains the element’s atomic number, symbol, name and atomic mass.

Cat Periodic Table - Space Background

Element Cats in Spaaaaace!

Cat Periodic Table Wallpaper - Blue Background

Light blue background makes these cats stand out.

Cat Periodic Table - Rainbow Background 2

Rainbows and Cats – Blue to Red rainbow gradient background.

Cat Periodic Table - Rainbow Background

Red to Violet Rainbow gradient. Combined with the other rainbow, it makes an interesting effect on two monitors.

Cat Periodic Table - Green Background

Green background has a kind of chalkboard look.

Cat Periodic Table - Yellow Background

Follow the yellow cat road!

Cat Periodic Table - Red Background

Red background has a slightly festive feel. High contrast sets off the individual cats.

Cat Periodic Table - Purple Background

Purple background seems to make the text on these cats easier to read.

These images are 1920 by 1080 pixels , making them suitable for widescreen HD monitors. Choose the color you prefer by clicking the corresponding image.

If you’d like to print this table, the blue version is available in PDF format.
Choose “Fit” and “Landscape” for your print options.

If you’d like to print a black and white cat periodic table wallpaper, or set your own background, a transparent version and PDF is available here.

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