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Full Moon Names Word Search
A full moon brings out the romantic in people. Throughout our history, we’ve given the full moon names depending on the time of year, color, or other astronomical events. This Full Moon Names word search has 30 different traditional names for the full moon. Find the different full moon names […]

Full Moon Names Word Search

Star Names Word Search
When you look at the stars, most people recognize there are a lot of them. The most common means of distinguishing one star from another is to name them. This star names word search is a great way to familiarize yourself with the names of thirty of the brightest stars […]

Star Names Word Search

If you want to hear the aurora sound, listen on a calm, clear night. (Luke Stackpoole) 2
Do the Northern Lights or aurora borealis make a sound? The answer is yes. However, not everyone hears the sound and not all aurora produce it. Eyewitness Accounts of the Aurora Sound Several credible witnesses in both the Northern Hemisphere (aurora borealis) and Southern Hemisphere (aurora australis) report hearing a […]

Does the Aurora Borealis Make a Sound?

The largest solstice celebration in the world is at Stonehenge in England.
The solstice is the longest or shortest day of the year, depending on whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. It marks the official beginning of summer and winter. Here’s a collection of useful and interesting solstice facts. The Solstice Marks the Longest and Shortest Day of the […]

Solstice Fast Facts

Astronomy Word Search DBL
Word search puzzles are a fun way to learn glossary terms for a subject. This word search has an out-of-this-world set of glossary terms dealing with astronomy. Find astronomy-themed words from the list in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions.  The puzzle is optimized to fit on a standard 8.5″x11″ sheet […]

Astronomy Word Search Puzzle