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Table of Edible pH Indicators (Todd Helmenstine)
Red cabbage juice is the best known edible pH indicator, but there are many safe fruits, vegetables, and flowers that change color in response to acidity or alkalinity. The plant pigments responsible for the color change are anthocyanins. Most of these molecules change from red to purple to blue in […]

Edible pH Indicators From Your Kitchen and Garden   Recently updated !

Chip pan fire demonstration in a laboratory.
Have you ever experienced a chip pan fire or other kitchen grease fire? This photograph actually is a simulated chip pan fire, produced as a demonstration. I have to wonder if the simulation was intended to be that spectacular. Also, I bet that fire was pretty intriguing to people passing by the […]

About the Chip Pan Fire Demonstration

Blue (left) is butterfly pea flower in water; purple (right) is flower tea dripped into white wine. Pink (center) is lemonade colored with the flower.
Many flowers, fruits, vegetables, and spices are natural pH indicators. Examples include rose petals, red cabbage, beets, onions, violets, and blue morning glory flowers. These substances change color in response to acidic or alkaline ingredients. Some natural pH indicators taste terrible, while others are expensive, hard to find, or weakly […]

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