Selaginella or "peacock fern" is an iridescent plant with a turquoise blue shimmer.
Iridescent plants are different colors, depending on the viewing angle. While you may be unfamiliar with iridescence in plants, you’ve seen it in soap bubbles, peacock feathers, CDs, and butterfly wings. Iridescence results from diffraction or when two or more semi-transparent surfaces reflect light and produce an interference pattern. Both […]

Iridescent Plants for Your Home and Garden

Termites (Scott Bauer, USDA ARS)
Termites are social insects that eat wood and other plant matter. Completely by accident, people discovered termites follow ink trails made by the black or blue ink from Bic and Papermate ballpoint pens. While they will follow a path made by other pens (85% of black ballpoints and 80% of […]

Why Do Termites Follow Ink Trails?