Termites (Scott Bauer, USDA ARS)
Termites are social insects that eat wood and other plant matter. Completely by accident, people discovered termites follow ink trails made by the black or blue ink from Bic and Papermate ballpoint pens. While they will follow a path made by other pens (85% of black ballpoints and 80% of […]

Why Do Termites Follow Ink Trails?

Genetics Word Search
Genetics is the study of the process of heredity and its characteristics. Word searches are the process of finding hidden words in an array of letters. This is a fusion of these two disciplines in the form of a Genetics Word Search.

Genetics Word Search

Sea grapes are single cells of a species of algae. (Robert Ricker, NOAA)
The only way to view most unicellular organisms is with a microscope. The vast majority of cells are very small. However, the largest single-celled organisms are visible to the naked eye and big enough to hold in your hand. The algae Caulerpa is generally recognized as the largest unicellular organism. […]

What Is the Largest Unicellular Organism?

Trees Word Search
Trees have an important role in our day to day lives. They play a major role in the oxygen and carbon cycles, prevent soil erosion and provide building materials for our homes. Since trees are this important, maybe we should learn their names. This trees word search contains thirty common names […]

Trees Word Search

Wild Cats Wordsearch
Do you know your wild cat species? This wild cats word search contains 24 different wild cat breeds. Find the words from the list forward and backward in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions. The puzzle is optimized to fit on a standard 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper, but it fits nicely […]

Wild Cats Word Search