Gold means more to alchemists than the ability to pay for their experiments. Gold represented perfection on all levels including the mind and the spirit. As one of the seven planetary metals, it was represented by the Sun. Many of the symbols used to portray gold in alchemical writings had […]

Gold Alchemy Symbols

Mercury Alchemy Symbol
Mercury was considered by alchemists to be one of the principal substances along with salt and sulfur. This silver liquid has the Latin name hydrargyrum, literally water silver. This is the reason for the symbol Hg on today’s periodic table. It was also known by the name quicksilver. The symbol for the metal […]

Mercury Alchemy Symbols – Hydrargyrum

Silver was one of the seven base metals to an alchemist and often associated with the Moon. Silver was believed to have feminine qualities and associated with purity. These are several different silver alchemy symbols that have appeared in alchemical texts.

Silver Alchemy Symbols

Sulfur was important to alchemy. Along with mercury, it was believed to be part of every metal. Sulfur, or brimstone was associated with fire, masculinity and the soul. This is why some sulfur alchemy symbols contain the upward pointing triangle of fire, arrows and crosses. These are several different sulfur […]

Sulfur Alchemy Symbols

The original four ancient elements for alchemists are earth, air, fire and water. These graphics show the alchemical symbols for each element and the color commonly associated with each. Earth is generally associated with the colors brown and green. Air is associated with blue, white, yellow or gray. Fire is […]

Earth, Air, Fire And Water Element Symbols