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Definitions of chemistry terms may be confusing. (chuttersnap)
Learn the difference between two important chemistry terms. Sometimes these words are (incorrectly) used interchangeably. Other times, they are the terms students have a hard time keeping straight. These are differences relating to chemistry and the physical sciences, although you’ll encounter some of these terms in daily life, too. What […]

Commonly Confused Chemistry Terms

Table salt is hygroscopic and may be deliquescent at high temperature and humidity. (Artem Beliaikin)
Deliquescence Definition Deliquescence refers to the property of a substance to absorb water from the air to dissolve itself and form an aqueous solution. Materials with this property are termed deliquescent. Deliquescent materials are a class of hygroscopic substances. Other types of hygroscopic materials may absorb water, yet not dissolve. In order to be deliquescent, […]

Deliquescence Definition and Examples – Absorbing Water and Dissolving