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Concave Meniscus
A meniscus is a curve formed on the upper surface of a liquid inside a container. This curve is formed by the surface tension between the liquid and the container holding the liquid. If the molecules in the liquid are more attracted to the sides of the container than to each […]

How to Read a Meniscus   Recently updated !

Do you want food that glows in the dark? With the exception of certain types of phosphorescent fungi, edibles don’t tend to glow. However, there is some food that glows under a black light. The black light emits ultraviolet radiation, which excites atoms and causes them to release fluorescent light. […]

Food That Glows in Black Light

Scientific Method Word Search Solution
This scientific method word search¬†puzzle contains terms relating to the scientific method. The terms can be found by searching vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Download the PDF and have fun trying to find the scientific method words. Need a little help finding a word? If you get stuck, the solution is […]

Scientific Method Word Search Puzzle

Answer sheet for Acid Formulas Worksheet 1
Worksheets are a great way to practice new concepts. This Acid Formulas Worksheet contains the common names of ten different acids. You just have to supply the correct chemical formula for each acid. This acid formulas worksheet is available as a PDF for download.The answer key is also available as […]

Acid Formulas Worksheet

Using wedge and dash notation, solid lines (sticks) represent chemical bonds in the plane of the surface. Black wedges represent chemical bonds coming toward you, while dashed lines are for bonds that extend back behind the surface.
The wedge and dash notation is used to represent three-dimensional structures of molecules using a two-dimensional surface, like a sheet of paper or a computer screen. This type of structure is also called wedge-dash notation or wedges and dash notation. It is commonly used in organic chemistry, though you may […]

Wedge and Dash Notation for 3D Chemical Structures