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Sulfuric acid is an example of a diprotic acid.
A diprotic acid is an acid that can donate two hydrogen ions (H+) or protons per molecule in an aqueous solution. Another name for a diprotic acid is a dibasic acid. A diprotic acid is a type of polyprotic acid, which is an acid able to donate more than one […]

Diprotic Acid Definition and Examples   Recently updated !

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Molecule
Hydrofluoric acid or HF is an extremely powerful, corrosive acid. However, it’s classified as a weak acid rather than a strong acid. This makes HF the only hydrohalic acid that isn’t classified as a strong acid (e.g., HCl, HBr, HI). Why Hydrofluoric Acid Is a Weak Acid The simple reason […]

Is Hydrofluoric Acid a Strong or Weak Acid?

Strong and Weak Acids
Strong and weak acids are key concepts in chemistry. Strong acids completely dissociate into their ions in water, while weak acids incompletely dissociate. There are only a few strong acids, but many weak acids. Strong Acids Strong acids completely dissociate in water into their ions and produce one of more […]

List of Common Strong and Weak Acids