Glow in the Dark

Make Glow in the Dark Powder From Oyster Shells (Calcium Sulfide Phosphorescence)

In the olden days, back before we could buy glow powder on the internet, people made it themselves. Sometimes they took a scientific approach, mixing chemicals to see if anything cool happened. More often than not, glowing materials were discovered by accident. For example, the discovery that rotting corpses and […]

Dopants in phosphors can produce a range of glow in the dark colors. (Joel Filipe)

Uranium glass exhibits a characteristic green fluorescence under black or ultraviolet light. Nerdtalker, Creative Commons License

What Is Vaseline Glass or Uranium Glass?

Question: What Is Uranium Glass or Vaseline Glass? Uranium glass fluoresces with a characteristic green light under ultraviolet or black light. Uranium glass is sometimes known as Vaseline glass because its greasy appearance is akin to that of petroleum jelly. Here’s a look at what uranium glass is and how […]