Glow in the Dark

Use tonic water in place of water in slime recipes to get slime that glows blue under a black light. 1
What’s better than slime? Glowing slime, of course! There’s more than one way to make glow in the dark slime that really glows (not just under black light). Here are easy recipes to try and tips to get the best glowing effect. Tips for Getting the Brightest Glow There key […]

Easy Glow in the Dark Slime Recipes

Glowing Resin Rings 5
It’s easy to make a glowing resin ring. You don’t need any prior experience with either resin or glow in the dark (phosphorescent) materials. The length of time the ring will glow in the dark depends on the type of glow powder you use, ranging from a few minutes (zinc […]

How to Make a Glowing Resin Ring

The incandescent light bulb glows when current passes through the filament and heats it enough to release light. (photo credit kessLflickrZ) 3
Here’s a handy list of things that glow in the dark. I’m talking about objects and substances that truly emit light and glow on their own. This is different from a list of things that glow under black light, which are fluorescent and phosphorescent, not truly luminescent. Really glowing includes […]

Things That Glow in the Dark