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Cute tiles in love
Chemistry pick up lines can be cute, corny, cheesy, or funny. They might even work! To increase the odds of chemical attraction, try delivering one of these lines while wearing a lab coat or safety glasses. Or, offer your intended a cocktail that changes colors. Most of these pick up […]

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To light fireworks safely, know which ones shouldn't be held in your hand and be aware of flammable tree and buildings. (Nandhu Kumar)
  Fireworks season is just around the corner (no matter what time of year it is). Here are some tips for lighting your fireworks without blowing yourself up or setting your self, yard, or neighbors on fire. You can Google “firework accidents” and see videos of all the things that […]

How To Light Fireworks Safely

Silver often forms dendrites, which resemble metal crystal trees. (Rob Lavinsky /
In this simple chemistry demonstration or crystal project you’ll grow a silver crystal tree. This is a variation of the classic method of growing silver crystals on a copper wire. Silver Crystal Tree Materials You only need two materials for this project: Sheet of copper that has been cut into […]

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