How Stuff Works

The shelf life of chlorine bleach is about 3 months.
Did you know chlorine bleach has a shelf life? Whether the container has been opened or not, bleach loses its activity over time. Using bleach past its shelf life results in reduced bleaching and disinfecting capacity. How Long Is Bleach Good? How long bleach lasts depends mainly on temperature. So, […]

Chlorine Bleach Shelf Life

Drinking hand sanitizer gel is dangerous.
Some people drink hand sanitizer to get a buzz or get drunk. Kids have been known to lick hand sanitizer off their hands, resulting in a panicked call to Poison Control. How dangerous is it to drink hand sanitizer? What are the risks? What do you do if a child […]

Can You Drink Hand Sanitizer?

Shrunken heads in the permanent collection of Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Seattle, Washington. (Joe Mabel)
Shrunken heads appear in movies and video games, such as Beetlejuice, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Diablo 2. People associate shrunken heads with fictitious scary tribes, but the Jivaroan tribes in the Amazon rainforest really did make them. You may be surprised to learn head shrinking occurred […]

How Shrunken Heads Are Made

Thermal polish is sometimes sold as mood polish. (LelĂȘ Breveglieri)
Thermal nail polish is a type of polish that changes colors according to temperature. It’s like wearing a mood ring on your nails, except most thermochromic polish only switches between two colors rather than displaying the whole rainbow. The cool (or hot!) effect involves a bit of chemistry. Here’s how […]

How Does Thermal Nail Polish Work?