How Stuff Works

Stink bombs either contain one smelly chemical or else two that create a stink when mixed together.
Stink bombs are products designed to release a stinky odor. Despite the name, they do not explode. Stink bombs are readily available as pranks, plus there are versions used for crowd control. Here is a look at how stink bombs work, the chemicals involved, and their safety. How Stink Bombs […]

How Do Stink Bombs Work? Are They Safe?

The shelf life of chlorine bleach is about 3 months.
Did you know chlorine bleach has a shelf life? Whether the container has been opened or not, bleach loses its activity over time. Using bleach past its shelf life results in reduced bleaching and disinfecting capacity. How Long Is Bleach Good? How long bleach lasts depends mainly on temperature. So, […]

Chlorine Bleach Shelf Life