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Nail Polish
Every nail polish stash contains a few bottles of gloopy, dried-out polish. Unless you hate the color, don’t throw it out! You can fix dry nail polish, returning it to its fluid consistency. Just be aware, there’s a right way and a wrong way to save the polish. The Wrong […]

How to Fix Dry Nail Polish

A dandelion burns in colors, including violet, blue, red, orange, and yellow. (Henry Be)
Back in 2013, a photo of a dandelion burning in a rainbow of colors went viral on the internet. The original photograph was taken by Gregory Gomer. That picture looks like what you’d expect. It’s a dandelion, engulfed in flame, pretty much just orange. Clearly, the viral image had been […]

Do Dandelions Burn in Colors?

Once water starts boiling, its temperature remains stable. (chuttersnap)
Do you know what happens to the temperature of water boiling in a pot on high heat? It’s a common science question, particularly for tests, because knowing the answer shows how well you understand the process of boiling. The answer is the water reaches its boiling point temperature and stays […]

Does Boiling Water Keep Getting Hotter?

Fish can't live with Magic Rocks because the metal salts from the crystals get into the water and poison them.
One surprisingly common question I get is whether it’s okay to put fish in a Magic Rocks aquarium. The short answer is no, definitely not! For those who don’t know, Magic Rocks are a science project in which you take a packet of special rocks, pour a “magic” solution over […]

Magic Rocks and Fish in an Aquarium