Lbs to Kg Conversion
Pounds ( Lbs ) and Kilograms ( Kg ) are two units used to measure weight. Technically, kilograms are a unit of mass and pounds are a unit of force, but both have been used to measure the weights of things. These example problems show how to convert lbs to […]

Convert Lbs to Kg Example Problem

Fluid ounces to milliliter conversion example
Cubic centimeters ( cm3 ) and liters ( L ) are both metric units of volume. Converting between these two units is a rather straightforward problem. These two example problems will show how to convert cm3 to liters and liters to cm3. cm3 to Liters Conversion Factor To convert between […]

How to Convert Convert cm3 to Liters

Aurora Borealis
Nanometers ( nm ) and angstroms ( Å ) are linear measurements used to describe very small distances. These measurements often appear in applications of spectroscopy and the sizes of atoms. This example problem shows how to convert nanometers to angstroms. Convert Nanometers to Angstroms Example Problem Question: The vivid […]

How to Convert Nanometers to Angstroms