Aurora Borealis
Nanometers ( nm ) and angstroms ( Å ) are linear measurements used to describe very small distances. These measurements often appear in applications of spectroscopy and the sizes of atoms. This example problem shows how to convert nanometers to angstroms. Convert Nanometers to Angstroms Example Problem Question: The vivid […]

How to Convert Nanometers to Angstroms

Thermometer with Celsius and Fahrenheit (Ged Carroll)
Discussing the weather with Americans often includes the need to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit temperature scales. Friends in Europe complain of heat when the temperature is 35° and my first thought is 35° is a pretty cold day. 35 °F is barely above the freezing point of water. I also know […]

How to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

Cubic Feet Meter
A cubic foot is an imperial volume measurement equal to a cube with sides equal to one foot in length. The unit often appears in industrial applications involving liquids and gases. Converting this unit to SI units does not come up all that often, so the conversion factor is not really […]

How to Convert Cubic Feet to Liters

Grams to Kilograms
Grams (g) and kilograms (kg) are the two most common units of mass in the metric system. It’s easy to convert grams to kilograms by cancelling units: Another way to convert g to kg is to simply move the decimal point three spaces to the left. So, for 1536 g […]

Grams to Kilograms Conversion Examples

This example problem illustrates the steps to convert from gallon to liter. This problem is a common homework conversion to help students move from one system of measurement to another. In this case, the liter is an SI unit of volume and the gallon appears in two different forms: the […]

Gallon to Liter Conversion Example Problem

Fluid ounces to milliliter conversion example
Volume measurements can be some of the most confusing set of measurements. This example problem shows how to convert fluid ounces to milliliters. This conversion is also useful for converting recipes from European and Asian sources to the commonly used measurements in American kitchens. The fluid ounce (fl oz) in […]

Fluid Ounce to Milliliter Conversion – fl oz to mL ...