Convert mm Hg to mbar – Pressure Unit Conversion Example

Worked Pressure Unit Conversion Problem – Millimeters Mercury to Millibars This example problem demonstrates how to convert the pressure unit millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) to millibar (mbar). Millimeters of mercury is a pressure measurement usually associated with barometers and common in meteorology. A glass tube is sealed at one […]

Pressure Gauge

The BED is a unit of radiation equal to the amount of radiation in one banana.

How Radiation Is Measured – Units of Radioactivity

There are many units of radioactivity, but the ways they are used can be confusing. These units express how often a radioactive source produces radiation, how radiation interacts with matter and how radiation is absorbed and affects biological systems. These units can be broken down into four categories: Radioactivity, exposure, […]

How to Convert cm3 to m3 – Cubic Centimeters to Cubic Meters Conversion Examples

Converting centimeters to meters is a straightforward exercise. All too often, people stumble when arranging their centimeters in a cube. These two example problems will show the best way to convert cm3 to m3 and back again. The conversion factor between cm3 to m3 is 1,000,000 cm3 = 1 m3 […]

cube of cubes