Famous Scientists

Pierre and Marie Curie in the laboratory (circa 1904)
Marie Curie is best known for discovering radium, yet she achieved many more accomplishments. Here is a brief biography of her claim to fame. Born November 7, 1867Warsaw, Poland Died July 4, 1934Sancellemoz, France Claim to Fame Radioactivity Research Notable Awards Nobel Prize in Physics (1903) [together with Henri Becquerel […]

Marie Curie Biography (Marie Sklodowska)

Lise Meitner (1906 Vienna)
Lise Meitner was an Austrian-Swedish nuclear physicist. Birth: November 7, 1878 in Vienna, Austria Death: October 27, 1968 in Cambridge, England Lise Meitner’s Claim to Fame Meitner was an Austrian-Swedish physicist who discovered nuclear fission with Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann when they bombarded uranium with neutrons. She was the […]

Lise Meitner – Brief Biography

Famous Physicists Wordsearch puzzle. 1
Word searches are a fun way to pass the time and a great activity in a classroom. Word searches reinforce the recognition of the words in the puzzle and the challenge canĀ give students a sense of accomplishment on completion. This word search puzzle contains the names of several famous physicists. […]

Famous Physicists Word Search Puzzle

Hans Adolf Krebs
Hans Adolf Krebs: Hans Adolf Krebs was a German biochemist and Nobel laureate. Birth: August 25, 1900 in Hildesheim, Germany Death: November 22, 1981 in Oxford, England Claim to Fame: Krebs was a German biochemist who was awarded half the 1953 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the […]

Hans Adolf Krebs