Chemistry Projects

It's easy to dry flowers using silica gel as a desiccant. (Jason Wong)

Dry Flowers Using Silica Gel Beads – Fun Desiccant Science Project

Do you admire the simple elegance of dry flowers? Here’s a science experiment that makes use of those little packets that say “Do No Eat” you find with shoes, electronics, and other products. The packets contain silica gel beads, which are silicon dioxide (sand) with a porous surface. The pores […]

Blue Ink Recipe

You can prepare your own blue ink. This blue ink recipe is very easy and produces a beautiful blue ink for writing, drawing, or crafts. BLUE INK INGREDIENTS Prussian Blue pigment (sold as a pigment or sometimes as laundry bluing) water PREPARE BLUE INK It’s extremely easy! Mix the pigment into the […]

Prussian blue ink is one of the easiest blue inks to make. (Adrien Ledoux)

Ancient tattoo ink recipes produce ink that is black or brown. (Giulia Bertelli)

Ancient Roman Tattoo Ink Recipe

This ancient tattoo ink recipe was devised by the Roman physician Aetius. It can be expected to produce a nice permanent iron-based ink, though the ingredients may cause irritation for some individuals. The reader is advised that this recipe is of historical significance, but safer and higher quality inks are available […]