Grow your own crystals with these easy recipes. Learn about crystal structures and how crystals are classified.

Maple Syrup Crystals (Jody McIntyre)
Maple syrup crystals are sugar crystals grown from maple syrup. They have a more complex flavor than pure sugar crystals and may have a slight amber color. You can eat them as they are, use them as edible decorations, or use them to sweeten drinks. They are easy to grow. […]

Maple Syrup Crystals Recipe

It takes a lot of black dye to make solid black crystals.
Black crystals can look translucent, like black diamonds or smoky quartz, or opaque, like anthracite. You can take most crystal recipes and use them to grow black crystals. The Secret to Black Crystals While it’s easy to grow crystals in rainbow colors, black is a little trickier because a lot […]

How to Grow Black Crystals

When sunlight catches patio table crystals, they show rainbow colors. (Suncana, Flickr)
If you have a glass table and a sunny day you can paint your tabletop with non-toxic crystals in a flash. It’s an easy crystal-growing project, safe for kids and pets. You can use any crystal growing solution, but I recommend using the following recipe: 1 cup hot water 1/2 […]

Easy Patio Table Crystals Project

Borax Crystal Heart
Grow borax crystals overnight to make a beautiful sparkling crystal heart. Use the borax crystal heart as a decoration or simply grow it as a fun crystal project. Borax Crystal Heart Materials borax water pipecleaner Make a Borax Crystal Heart Shape the pipecleaner like a heart. It’s fine to have […]

Borax Crystal Heart Science Project