Science Quizzes

Mad Scientist (J.J.)
This general science quiz tests how well you understand basic science concepts. It’s a 10-question multiple choice quiz, drawn from science facts and concepts taught at the grade school and middle school level. So, you should know the answers to all the questions, right? Let’s see how well you do. […]

General Science Quiz

This scientific method quiz tests your understanding of the scientific method. The scientific method is a systematic means of exploring the natural world, asking and answering questions, and explaining how things work. Let’s see how well you understand the steps of the scientific method and what constitutes good science. This […]

Scientific Method Quiz

This periodic table trends quiz tests how well you understand periodic table trends or periodicity of the properties of the elements. These are trends of atomic radius, ionization energy, electron affinity, and electronegativity. It is a 10-question multiple choice chemistry quiz, with one correct answer per question. You may wish to […]

Periodic Table Trends Quiz

6th grade science covers how science works to explore the natural world, general science facts, science history, and how science affects everyday life and society. Take this ten question multiple choice quiz to see if you understand these concepts at the 6th grade educational level.

6th Grade Science Quiz

Can you pass a chemistry quiz? Chemistry is the study of matter, energy, and relationships between them. It is one of the fundamental natural sciences, used to explain how things work and to describe and predict properties of matter. Do you think you understand basic general chemistry? Try this 20 […]

20 Questions Chemistry Quiz