February 7, 1863, was the day John Newlands published a paper outlining what would be known as “The Law of Octaves”. Newlands discovered if he ordered the known elements by increasing atomic weight, the chemical properties of the elements would be similar for every eighth group. Since this pattern seemed […]

Today in Science History – February 7 – Law of ...

About 70% of polybutadiene is used to manufacture tires. (Dean Hochman)
Interesting Polymer Chemistry Demonstration The “jumping rubber” polybutadiene reaction is a dramatic chemistry demonstration in which chemicals are reacted and sealed into a container, which pops open, shooting out a polymer “snake”. Here is how to perform the demonstration. Jumping Rubber Polybutadiene Materials Jumping Rubber kit plastic or rubber gloves […]

Make Jumping Rubber or Polybutadiene

While it might not hurt you, it does present a risk to an unborn baby. (borosjuli, Flickr) 2
Society has moved away from leaded gas and lead for toys and household paints, but you’re still getting exposed to the toxic metal. Cosmetics are a source of lead, whether they are made of all-natural ingredients or not. Lead in your lipstick may be the worst because you ingest some […]

Lead in Your Lipstick? Here’s Why