Chemistry Reference Tables – PDF

Chemistry Reference Tables
Download and print a selection of handy chemistry reference tables.

This is a collection of chemistry reference tables in PDF and PNG format for you to download, view online, or print. This way, you can mark up your tables or move them around for easy consultation when working problems or studying. Clicking a link takes you to the file, which you just right-click and save to your device.

Periodic Tables

Science Notes almost certainly has the largest collection of printable periodic tables on the internet! So, I have only listed some of the tables here. If you don’t see what you need, either check the main index page for the tables or else type your query into the search bar. If we’re missing a key table, please let me know so I can add it.

  • Periodic table with everything [PDF][PNG]
  • Abundance in Earth’s crust [PDF][PNG]
  • Abundance in seawater [PDF][PNG]
  • Atomic masses with two decimal points [PDF][PNG]
  • Atomic radius [PDF][PNG]
  • Common charges [PDF][PNG]
  • Density [PDF][PNG]
  • Electron shells [PDF][PNG]
  • Electronegativity (Pauling scale] [PDF][PNG]
  • Element discovery [PDF][PNG]
  • Melting points [PDF][PNG]
  • Boiling points [PDF][PNG]
  • Oxidation states [PDF][PNG]
  • Valence shell [PDF][PNG]

Chemistry Reference Tables

These are general chemistry reference tables. Some are study guides, while others cover lab techniques and results. I’ve listed the topics alphabetically. There are a lot more infographics on the site, but these are ones that have PDFs as well as image files. So, they resize easily and print cleanly. If you’re not sure which file type to use, the PDF is recommended. But, if you don’t have a PDF reader, the PNG works fine.

  • Amino acids study sheet [PDF][PNG]
  • Amino acid side chains study sheet [PDF][PNG]
  • Anions [PDF][PNG]
  • Atom CPK color chart [PDF[[PNG]
  • Electron configuration [PDF]
  • Electronegativity table [PDF][PNG]
  • Element list (atomic number, symbol, name) [PDF]
  • Element names (alphabetical) [PDF][PNG]
  • Element valence (charge) chart [PDF][PNG][periodic table JPG]
  • Genetic codon chart [PDF][PNG]
  • Solubility of common ions [PDF][PNG]

Other Resources

Here are additional reference tables and charts that apply to chemistry:

  • Common physical constants [PDF]
  • Element flash cards [PDF]
  • Physics formulas study sheet [PDF][PNG]
  • Printable graph paper pack [PDF]
  • Trig identities [PDF][PNG]

Are there other reference tables you want to see? Post a comment and I’ll get it done!