Chemistry Worksheets and Handouts (PDF for Printing)

Chemistry Worksheets and Handouts
Print free chemistry worksheets and handouts to enhance student learning.

This is a collection of free chemistry worksheets and handouts to print. Most of the printables are PDF files, although some are available as JPG or PNG files. All of these worksheets print cleanly on normal printer paper, plus you can resize them to fit your needs.

Chemistry Worksheets

Here is a list of worksheets. This site also has articles explaining these topics in detail.

In addition to these chemistry worksheets, there is a collection of word search puzzles.

Chemistry Handouts

These chemistry handouts illustrate chemistry concepts and offer examples.

  • Amino acid side chains [PDF]
  • Antimatter examples [PNG]
  • Atom facts [PNG]
  • Chemical properties [JPG]
  • Colligative properties [JPG]
  • Electron configurations [PDF]
  • Element electronegativities [PDF]
  • 118 Element Flash Cards [PDF]
  • Element list [PDF]
  • Endothermic reactions [PNG]
  • Error calculations [JPG]
  • Exothermic reactions [JPG]
  • Heterogeneous mixtures [JPG]
  • Hydrocarbon prefixes [JPG]
  • Ionic compound properties [PNG]
  • Genetic codons [PDF]
  • Lewis structures [JPG]
  • Litmus test [PNG]
  • Magnetic vs non-magnetic metals [JPG]
  • Mole ratio [JPG]
  • Organic vs inorganic [JPG]
  • Oxidation numbers [JPG]
  • Periodic table Bingo game [PDF]
  • pH indicators [PNG]
  • Physical change [JPG]
  • Physical properties [JPG]
  • Noble metals [JPG]
  • Reactants and products [JPG]
  • RNA vs DNA [JPG]
  • States of matter [JPG]
  • Visible spectrum [JPG]

Periodic Tables

There’s a printable periodic table for just about any purpose, but some of the most popular are listed here.

Vibrant Periodic Table With 118 Elements
If you know how to use a periodic table, you can get a lot of information about elements at a glance.
  • 118 element vibrant periodic table [PNG]
  • Actinides [JPG]
  • Blank periodic table [PDF]
  • Element charges [JPG]
  • Element density [PDF]
  • Element electrical conductivity [PDF]
  • Element state of matter [PDF]
  • Muted color 118 element periodic table [PDF]
  • Native elements [JPG]
  • Valence [JPG]
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