Color Printable Periodic Table Wallpaper with Oxidation States – 2015 4

This color printable periodic table wallpaper is an updated version of the Downloadable Periodic Table – Element Charges. Each element cell contains the atomic number, symbol, name, atomic mass and most common valence charge of each element. Each brightly colored border represents a different element group.

Color Periodic Table of Element Charges - 2015This table is available for download as a PDF file and printed for offline use. For best printing, choose Landscape and ‘Fit’ for the size option. The above image can be used as a widescreen (1920×1080) desktop wallpaper for your computer. Click the image to view the full size and save.

There is a black and white version of this table for those without access to a color printer.

If a darker desktop is prefered, the same table is available with a black background.

Color Periodic Table Wallpaper of Element ChargesClick the image to view the full-sized version.
If you enjoy using a lot of toner or ink, download the PDF of the dark background table and print yourself a copy.

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4 thoughts on “Color Printable Periodic Table Wallpaper with Oxidation States – 2015

  • Glade

    Todd, These are great. Is it ok to use these images/files for teaching at a university? And if so, is there any credit we need to give beyond the copyright notice at the bottom of each?

    • Anne Helmenstine

      You can print them, hand them out, make slides, etc. The only restriction is that they not be posted online (like on your website). For some reason, Google gets confused when it sees the tables elsewhere, which causes problems. If you need any other tables or have special requests, feel free to ask 🙂