Color Printable Periodic Table Wallpaper with Oxidation States – 2015 4

This color printable periodic table wallpaper is an updated version of the Downloadable Periodic Table – Element Charges. Each element cell contains the atomic number, symbol, name, atomic mass and most common valence charge of each element. Each brightly colored border represents a different element group.

Color Periodic Table of Element Charges - 2015This table is available for download as a PDF file and printed for offline use. For best printing, choose Landscape and ‘Fit’ for the size option. The above image can be used as a widescreen (1920×1080) desktop wallpaper for your computer. Click the image to view the full size and save.

There is a black and white version of this table for those without access to a color printer.

If a darker desktop is prefered, the same table is available with a black background.

Color Periodic Table Wallpaper of Element ChargesClick the image to view the full-sized version.
If you enjoy using a lot of toner or ink, download the PDF of the dark background table and print yourself a copy.

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