Convert Kelvin to Celsius Example Problem

How to Convert Kelvin to Celsius
Convert Kelvin to Celsius by subtracting 273.15 from the Kelvin temperature.

Have you ever needed to convert Kelvin to Celsius for work or homework?

The Kelvin temperature scale is an absolute temperature scale because the zero point is the absolute limit of the coldest anything can get. The zero on the Kelvin scale is absolute zero. You record data in the Celsius temperature scale since there aren’t that many Kelvin thermometers in classroom laboratories. But, sometimes you need to convert Kelvin to Celsius for calculations. Fortunately, this is a simple mater of subtraction.

Kelvin to Celsius Formula

The formula for converting Kelvin to Celsius is:

°C = K – 273.15

°C is the temperature in Celsius
K is the temperature in Kelvin

Most of the time, you don’t need to be so precise. Use the formula:

°C = K – 273

How to Convert Kelvin to Celsius

Example Problem:
In many ideal gas problems, room temperature is 300 K to make calculations easier. What is this temperature in Celsius?


°C = K – 273.15
°C = 300 – 273.15
°C = 26.85 °C

Room temperature is a pretty warm 26.85 °C for these calculations.

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