Convert Lbs to Kg Example Problem

Lbs to Kg Conversion

Pounds ( Lbs ) and Kilograms ( Kg ) are two units used to measure weight. Technically, kilograms are a unit of mass and pounds are a unit of force, but both have been used to measure the weights of things. These example problems show how to convert lbs to kg and kg to lbs.

Lbs to Kg Conversion Factor

There are 2.20462 lbs in one kg. There is no real reason for the extra significant figures, so often this is reduced to 2.2 lbs for one kg.

1 kg = 2.2 lbs

Convert Lbs to Kg Example Problem

Question: Male Siberian tigers are big cats which can weigh about 660 lbs. How much do these tigers weigh in kilograms?

Solution: Use the conversion factor with the unwanted unit in the denominator.

lbs to kg math step 1

This allows us to cancel out the lbs unit and leave behind the kg unit we want.

lbs to kg math step 2

660 lbs = 300 kg

Answer: Male Siberian tigers can weigh about 300 kgs.

Convert Kg to Lbs Example Problem

Question: Male giant pandas can weigh up to 150 kgs. What do these pandas weigh in lbs?

Solution: The procedure is the same as the previous example except for putting the kg part in the denominator.

lbs to kg math step 3

Now the kg units cancel out and the lbs unit is left.

lbs to kg math step 4

150 kg = 330 lbs.

Answer: Male giant pandas weigh up to 330 lbs.

This conversion is a useful one to memorize if you work with imperial and metric measurements. Just try to remember kilograms are heavier than pounds.