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Nitrogen Diatomic Molecule

Nitrogen Diatomic Molecule (Ben Mills)

A diatomic element is a molecule of an element consisting of two atoms. It is a form of homonuclear diatomic molcule. There are only 7 diatomic elements in total and only 5 diatomic elements at standard temperature and pressure (STP).

The following 5 element gases are found as diatomic molecules at room temperature and pressure:

  • Hydrogen – H2
  • Nitrogen – N2
  • Oxygen – O2
  • Fluorine – F2
  • Chlorine – Cl2

Bromine and iodine commonly exist in liquid form, but also as diatomic gases at slightly higher temperatures, making a total of 7 diatomic elements.

  • Bromine – Br2
  • Iodine – I2

How To Remember the Diatomic Elements

An easy mnemonic device is:

Have No Fear Of Ice Cold Beer


The diatomic elements are the –ine halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine) and elements with a –gen ending (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen). Astatine is another halogen, but its behavior is not known.

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