Dinosaurs Word Search

Everyone loves dinosaurs. Everyone also loves word searches. This dinosaurs word search scratches both itches. The dino hunt begins now!

Dinosaurs Word Search Puzzle

Search for the 18 hidden dinosaurs by looking

vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.
This word search is designed to fit on a standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper but can be resized to A4 if needed. For best printing results, download and print from the PDF.

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Sometimes the words in word searches are particularly good at staying hidden. If you need a little hint or three, check out the completed word search key for this puzzle.

[Solved Word Search Image] | [Solved Word Search PDF]

Dinosaur Roll Call

These are the dinosaurs hidden in the word search along with the meaning behind their names.

Allosaurus – Different lizard
Ankylosaurus – Stiff lizard
Brachiosaurus – Arm lizard
Compsognathus – Elegant jaw
Deinonychus – Chambered lizard
Diplodocus – Double-beam lizard
Gallimimus – Chicken mimic
Hypsilophodon – High ridge tooth
Iguanodon – Iguana tooth
Kentrosaurus – Spiked lizard
Megalosaurus – Great lizard
Oviraptor – Egg robber
Psittacosaurus – Parrot lizard
Stegosaurus – Roofed lizard
Triceratops – Three-horned face
Tyrannosaurus – Tyrant lizard
Velociraptor – Quick robber
Xiaosaurus – Dawn lizard

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