DNA Replication Word Search Puzzle

DNA Replication Word Search - Worksheet

This DNA replication word search puzzle includes 13 words relating to the process of replication in genetics. Replication is the process through which DNA makes an identical copy of itself. It is essential for cell division.

Here is the DNA replication word search word list, in alphabetical order.

  • Exonucleases
  • Helicase
  • Lagging strand
  • Leading strand
  • Ligase
  • Mismatch repair
  • Okazaki fragments
  • PCR
  • Polymerase
  • Primase
  • Primers
  • Proofreading
  • Topoisomerase

Circle the words and complete the puzzle. Words are forwards, backwards, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. Download or print a copy either by right-clicking on the image or the PDF file. Or, copy and complete the online version using the Google Apps file.

DNA Replication Word Search – Answer Key

Find the answers to the puzzle by viewing or else downloading or printing this PDF answer key.