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Can Drinking Bleach Help You Pass a Drug Test?

Never drink undiluted household bleach. Mark Gallagher, Wikipedia Commons
Never drink undiluted household bleach. Mark Gallagher, Wikipedia Commons

There are all kinds of rumors about ways you can beat a drug test. Obviously the easiest way to pass the test is to avoid taking drugs in the first place, but that’s not going to be much help if you’ve already taken something and are facing a test. According to Snopes, some people drink bleach believing it will somehow clear their system of drugs. While it is unclear where this idea originated, the rumor is out there. Will it work? Will drinking bleach hurt you or kill you? Here’s the lowdown:

Drinking Bleach to Pass a Drug Test

Household bleach consists of about 5.25% sodium hypochlorite in water. Specifically, Clorox says their bleach contains water, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and sodium polyacrylate. They also make scented products that include fragrances. Bleach also contains small amounts of impurities, which aren’t a big deal when you’re using the product for disinfection or cleaning, but could prove toxic if ingested. None of these ingredients binds to drugs or their metabolites or inactivates them such that you would test negative on a drug test.

What Happens If You Drink Bleach?

So, of course you are wondering what happens if you drink bleach. People have done this and lived to tell the tale. Drinking a small amount of bleach won’t kill you, particularly if you dilute it in water, but it is corrosive and can irritate or damage your mucous membranes and esophagus. Ingesting a few milliliters of bleach most likely will irritate your eyes, nose and throat and may cause nausea and vomiting and possibly diarrhea. Vomiting a small amount of bleach is not recommended, since this re-exposes your esophagus to the chemicals and may worsen the damage. Drinking a larger volume of bleach can hurt or kill you. The toxicity results from the chlorine gas that is produced, the corrosivity of bleach and ingestion of sodium (hypernatremia). Chest pain, low blood pressure, shock and possibly coma or death may result from either inhaling too much bleach or drinking it.

The Bottom Line

Drinking bleach won’t help you pass a drug test and may make you sick or dead.

Share Your Bleach and Drug Test Experience

Have you tried drinking bleach to pass a drug test? You’re welcome to post a reply to share your experience.

David says:
I hadn’t heard the blech myth but I had heard of vinegar. Any chance? I never believed it but then I never needed to worry about it.

stoner says:
Bleadh works in small small amounts if dilluted and with a good drink to wash it down

Nick420 says:
the stoner is correct. dont chug, just about 4 driples into some carbonated dark pop. indeed it does work. but only in a light dosage. cant stress that enough. after that drink a gallon of water. do all of this the day befor your test.

Jay says:
It works!!! One cap x one half gallon does the trick, just be sure to use bathroom once before the test and the next load should be ok. Remedy has worked three times for me.

mar says:
hey stoner, will this method work with proxies

joe blogs says:
yeah i tasted bleach and it tasted yum

Jae says:
You people have the intelligence of a circus monkey. Actually, scratch that….I’m sure a circus monkey would be smart enough not to drink bleach. IDIOTS….

Whitedog says:
Who in their right mind would ever drink bleach??
Cant you just put a few drops into the urine thats being tested

Silhouette says:
Are you people especially dense or something. The woman just said don’t try it at all because it can make you extremely ill or even kill you and here you all still go giving the desperate saps of the world ways to attempt to get around the inevitable. I mean why bother? If you took drugs in the first place then you don’t value your brain or body much anyway! So go ahead, try it! Listen to the addicts of the world and drink one teaspoon of bleach per half gallon of water. While we’re all watching your sad story on the news shaking our heads about the new craze, your family will either be making medical or burial arrangements for you.

Hollywood says:
Well I jus, drank it n hope I dont die hope I passs my test too

Myra says:
Silhouette, you’re right.Maybe those who said that its still ok to drink bleach are an addicts. Anyway,for sure,they are old enough for them to know what’s good and what’s bad to health. If they took dangerous drugs, knowing that it’s harmful, then why avoid bleach knowing it’s also harmful?
Guys do you love your mom? then give value to yourself? Your mom didn’t carried you in a womb for 9 months then just to kill yourself.
Life is a gift!

ARCpoint Labs of Columbia says:
All bleach would do is give you a false reading. It would not get you off the hook. Not to mention, who would want to risk the potential health problems.

brandon says:
why do people think that’s what the bleach method is?!?!
you put it in the vial after you pee in it!

Branden says:
Will I die from drinking bleach

MattRed says:
Hey IDIOTS drinking the gallon of water a day before and almost up to the test day is what’s making you clean…. I HIGHLY doubt its the bleach LOL!!!!!! When you drink the gallon of water you are essentially urinating the water because your body is trying to get rid of the water overload. How or why bleach would work is beyond me because you need to time when the bleach would be passed through the urine and even then who says bleach would clean your urine from the inside? I would imagine the bleach would be gone right away and absorbed and contained somewhere in the human body never even making it to your bladder. It is also possible it could be removed from your body as stool. Especially in small amounts….. Just because you drink something it does not mean your body would automatically push it out as urine.This is pretty stupid! Just don’t do drugs. Or at least be smart and stop while being tested, or just drink water only, TONS of it.

MsJaye Willz says:
If you drink tons of water then you will look obvius becus then it will only show tht ur hydrated but also ur urine will lose coloring duhh ur jus pushing it out and refiltering it but bleach works also. everybody have there own method but the only thing tht matters is who pass it…. now stop blowin down cus sum people prefer to use bleach.

h2eartz says:
i dipped my toothbrush in bleach to whighten my teeth swollowd some with my spit by accident. Im fealing tingle fealing in both arms they are weak and cant make a fist all the way when i do feel like throwing up sleeping all day watery eyes nausious dizzy fealing loss of apetite. i think im die fealing sick i called poison control the lady said i will feal tingle fealing in my arms but she said im not goin to die!! i will be visiting the doc today cus their has to be something to clean me out now so i can go on with my normal life.

star says:
i drank bleach and it wiped out I MEAN EVERTHING EXCEPT A FAINT LINE OF CRACK

Trevis says:
I jus drank a very small amount of bleach diluted with water an passed a drug test

Mommy74 says:
How about not doing drugs while you are looking for a job, knowing that any respectable company will give you a drug test when they want to hire you? If you really want a job, quit smoking for couple of weeks and you don’t have to be an idiot and drink bleach!

jmc says:
I’ve drank a capful in a glass of chocolate milk and passed just fine never drinking any water at all.

DaveO says:
I smoked pot just before I had to take a drug test . I drank a gallon of water also before the test and passed the test… water is the best way to pass a drug test… drink water till you pee water…. works every time.

DaveO says:
I have a friend that mixed milk with bleach and says she passed the drug test with coke weed and zanex in her system I try to tell her to not do that. But she swears that it works.. 🙁

haley says:
this is a lie!!! you CAN pass a drug test by drinking bleach. i put two or three drops in a glass of water and passed my urine test. i only had pot in my system tho. idk if it works for anything else. but i DO know it works.

izzy blackberry says:
R u guys idot bleach dose not help u pass a drug test it will just case u damege in later life like drugs will so stop with th f**king drugs ok and bleach isn’t going to get u anywere so if ur on drugs get a life and go get help insted of covering it up if ur on drugs test u need help not bleach just get bloody help

Sweet Jesus says:
There are some g***mn idiots on this page.

former stoner says:
Hey dumba%%es saying you will be suspicious if you piss water in a drug test. just eat peanut butter and it will put color back in your piss. and you will be fine

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82 thoughts on “Drinking Bleach and Drug Tests

  • craig

    Anybody who says that bleach dosnt work and hasnt tried it ,you guys are the real idiots,how are you going to tell 4 people who did it and it worked that there the idiots , if you never tried it then how the f@#%k can you say to somebody who has that it dosnt work. Well heres how you do it,and i know from experiance,bleach works with everything,if you get even the smallest amount in the cup its going to trip the test,False Negatives All Across Every Panel. First you guzle whater till your pissing alot,you dont whant your urine to be clear,after you finish a half gallon,your consuming fluid faster than the body can obsorb it,so to get rid of it your body takes the water rite from your stomache to your bladder to be expeled,it has no choice#1-,have a large glass of water set aside with 1/8th cup of bleach diluted into it.#2-Drink a half gallon of water within 15 minutes(you dont have to guzzle it follow the time frame) #3-pee 2 times while siping on the other half gallon generously,(it shouldnt take no longer than thirty minutes to pee twice while sipping the other half gallon,if it does you arent sipping fast enough-tip)#4 After second pee chug the glass of bleach water till its gone.#5continue to sip the rest of the gallon water jug,little sips at a time now,but keep it flowing slowly while heading to your testing site.#6you want to urinate atleast one more timeafter you drink the chlorinated water(bleach).Thats number 3 pee.#7your next 3 urinations will have enough bleach in them to trip the false negatives on all panels,you want to try to use the 2nd of the three,it will still have its yellow tint a little and it will contain the most bleach.. After you take your test,continue to sip water till you urinate atleast 3-4 more times,this will flush most of the bleach out with the water before your intestines absorb any,dont eat any food till after urinating flushing and till bloating is gone,atleast 2 hours after urine test. Now lets explain how this works. First you triped your stomach and bladder into high gear by consuming fluid faster than our body can absorb it,so now as you sip water continuously its moving from the stomach to the bladder continuously,as the bladder gets to full it discharges the water through urinating.Now that you achived this continuous action you can introduce the bleach into the water in your stomache.So now you have essentialy bleach water in a constant flow from your tummy to your bladder,so with planed timing using the urinations as a time table after emptying the blader of clear water once after this its safe to say the bleach water in your tummy is now filling your bladder,(remember to keep siping on water threw this process so your body stays in liquid dump mode per say,no more chugging just keep your bloat and keep a steady sip,id say a pint every 15 minutes,except when in PO office,dont worry,just resume drinking when u leave.)So now its safe to say the next 2-4 pisses will have bleach in them.So u got it ,its realy not rocket science once you understand how your body works. You wont dye from this unless you are allergic to bleach. The worst you might get diareija and or upset stomach and or headache for couple hours.

    Im not responsible for any negative experiances that might become of this,this is step by step how i do this and it works for everything on a 12 pannel i know this for sure.

    • jderrico

      You must be on drugs. I don’t know how else you could make so many errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You should never write anything again. Keep it to yourself. Normally, I would have stopped reading after the first sentence–or whatever that was–perhaps a jumble of misspelled words with terrible punctuation; however, I forced myself to continue reading the garbage you wrote. People like you never seem to realize the torture you inflict on readers. You think that your thoughts are so important that you need to put them on paper regardless of how badly you write. You think that it’s the information that counts, and not how terrible the writing is. Here’s a news flash for you: Stop writing. Stop torturing people. Keep your important thoughts to yourself. Your writing is the best advertisement for what drugs can do to your brain, and no amount of bleach is going to help you; however, if you drink enough bleach it might help the rest of us. Good grief!

      • Tyrone Prince

        I find it funny how you are targeting the person that is pro bleach yet conveniently bypass those who don’t take drugs and still type stupid. Obviously you had to click on this link then scroll down to the bottom just to criticize one guy. If you are as smart as you clearly want others to believe then stop wasting brain cells and comment space to prove an irrelevant point. What part of your comment was beneficial to the readers, then followed up with a threat.

      • Randall combs

        This is a blog about “does bleach help pass a drug test or not”, not a grammar test. Maybe you should hop down off of your high horse, and stop being a repulsive dick to people who may or may not be drug addicts. I happen to be a recovering drug addict. I, my friend, am exceptionally familiar and well-rounded with writing, grammar, and punctuation skills. Point being; what in the hell does drugs have to do with learned knowledge? I consumed drugs-all drugs-through high school, and I graduated with a 4.0 GPA, class valedictorian, and distinguished on my writing portfolio. Perhaps, you are the one who should discontinue writing; not because you suck at it, but because you suck at being a human. You, sir, are a complete and utter DICK and I truly hope you lose your ability to write anything whatsoever. If you only use your skill and knowledge to put someone else down, you, sir, don’t deserve that skill. I pray you lose it. Somehow; someway. Maybe you should do some drugs, or drink some bleach and calm your uptight little punk ass down a little bit. Take care now, only not really…go die.

      • GrammarPolice101


        You’re not perfect either. Here’s why I found reading your opinion on Craig’s post hypocritical and unnecessary.

        The word Craig is a Proper Noun and should be spelt with a capital “C”
        You failed there.

        Oh look! Another mistake.. let me get my red pen out.

        The next obvious mistake you made was the use of a conjunction after a comma. If you don’t know what a conjunction is, look it up and never start a sentance with one or in your case, place one after a comma.

        I’m not sure why you used hyphens in place of commas in places either.

        Personally and this is only my opinion, I found your personal attack on Craig hard to read as it wasn’t helping him or the readers who are here to learn about the question at hand. We don’t want to waste our time reading opinions, assumptions or your grammatically incorrect “opinion”

        His efforts were on topic and based on experience. To suggest his writing skills are the result of intoxication or drug abuse is possible, but more likely to do with the fact he was never shown the write way 😉

        See what I did there?

        My suggestion to you sir is to go take a chill pill and relax a little and help a person if you want the world to be a better place.

        Charles Darwin dislikes you too.

        Have a nice day and thank you Craig for your point of view.

        jderrico, I’m giving you a D+ for your opinion piece and see you posted your comment at 10:21 am. Get back to class/work and stop bullying the happy kids.

        Bad greif!

    • Smith

      Unfortunately,you are right it does work, I know because my son has done it several times and he showed no sign of drugs in his system and I know for a fact he was drinking and doing drugs. But he is now suffering the consequences, he is now passing blood

    • ChemicalLover

      I can confirm that it doesn’t work very well because I have tried drinking it and it caused me to vomit everything I drank before it reached my stomach.

    • Carlos Reyes

      The idea here is for your pee to contain chlorox. Use your common sense, it takes time to urinate what you drink. if you drink water with chlorox, most likely your first urination will not contain chlorox. Probably your second will. but I would trust the third one a lot more.

  • Lh1918

    ok can someone just give me a simple yes or no. I was stupid and smoked and I just found out I have a drug test in 3 days. my friend has told me that by putting 2-3 small drops into the drug test it will say negative . I’ve also heard by peeing first a little bit then peeing the rest into the test that also makes it look as if you passed. I Just need help someone please

    • what

      For future reference just use a cap full in a gallon of water and drink it an hour before. I recommend a different method but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I hope you passed the test you were talking about.

    • Sherris

      If your drinking bleach, you should no that, the lab. No’s you have drank bleach, it all comes up, they no, you guys need to stop doing drugs, an clean up your brains! You r like little children, time to grow up an count for something in this country. Shame on you!!

  • Smoker

    Drinking bleach can have adverse affects but from my experience I drink 2 gallons of cranberry juice the day prior and in 1 pint of cranberry i put roughly a cap of bleach and i piss clean so the effects of the bleach must linger. Please before you attempt to use bleach be sure you are comfortable with the possible side effects and if they r worth the risk.

    But as said. You actually do not need to drink the bleach 2 small drops in your urine will throw all false negatives so get a visine bottle safer and more effective. #Dontriskit
    Power to the pothead.

  • thecrazyone

    I use bleach and orange juice every time i have a drug test and i still haven’t gotten sick or died.my way is mixing a cap full of bleach concentrated into a 32oz bottle of everfresh orange juice followed by 64oz water.the trick is not to smoke a couple days before the scheduled test and you will be “clean” until you do drugs again…atleast it works for marijuana…

  • F

    Here is an idea don’t do drugs when you know you have to test.. Drinking bleach seriously.. You wanna be bad ass and do drugs take the consequences that come along with it. Punks


      Any smart stoner knows to keep out of the chemicals when they’re thirsty, but…
      Why is there such a thing as a drug test?
      Conduct is independent of substance in most cases, if employers see misconduct, they should treat it as such and not pretend the employees drug habits are to blame. The best workers at the store I work at are confirmed stoners.

  • The Black Guy

    Lol all the folks on here clowning over using bleach to pass a piss test. You’ve obviously googled it because you yourself are a drug user. I am a proud 420 supporter. Personally I don’t think I will attempt this as my balls aren’t big enough to drink a poison. I do know people who actually do use it to pass drug screenings for probation, etc. and the turned out fine and passed their tests. I’ll stick to drinking a 12 pack and a gallon of water instead. Always worked for me.

  • Truth Be Told

    Craig is right and very supportive compared to those low life’s f**kers that depend on prescriptions, alcohol, or just stuck up in there so called perfect lifestyle. Weed shall be a legal substance therefore, I only recommend this to marijuana users. I’m aware no one wants to drink bleach but could be necessary to save your ass from pissing positive. God bless all who are in and those who come across this major incident.

  • Cindy

    I have a question and I hope someone can answer it!. Ok back to just adding 2 small drops of bleach to the drug test, will they be able to tell you added anything?? I have to take a drug test for a job, so I know they will not watch me. Will this work??

  • Cindy

    Also, I saw a video on youtube saying you could put bleach into rice pills. Add 1 Teaspoon of Bleach with a dropper into the rice pills, that way they wont burn your throat at all. I just want to know if the test will be able to tell that I ate drank bleach?

  • Isidro

    The way to clean your system fast in 24 hours is get 1 sheet of toilet paper and roll it into a ball and dip it into one cap of bleach for 3seconds and barely squeeze it when you take it out and make 2-3 bleach balls and then put them into the freezer and leave them for 30-45mins after that drink one bottle of water and piss before you take your bleach balls then once your ready to take them have a bottle water and put the ball under your tongue but dont let your tongue touch it put your tongue to the back and then drink some water and swallow and same for the other 1-2 balls you have once your done drink one gallon and piss everytime you feel the need to and then your clean for your test good luck guys iv done it 21 times im still alive bleach is my friend when it comes to drug tests for marijuana

  • donni

    I had to pass my employment drug test about 6 months ago, and I passed even though I smoked weed like a week before i found out. Here’s what I did to pass: (1) drink plenty of water and (2) take the Dr Max Powers 15 Days Cleanse (I only took it for 6 days) and I passed the Labcorp drug tests. All clean!

  • Juelz


  • Lame

    If you guys think it’s so stupid , and the people on this site are stupi then why are you on it yourselves ? Like, if somebody’s tryna clean out their system I’m sure they’d be looking for all the help they can get and totally do not for a shit about what your opinion on the idea is . ????hella wasting your guys time .

  • Another stoner

    It does work I’ve had 2 friends in the past month have drug tests with the law and drank it about 3 hours prior to test and passed .

  • WeedHead

    Well I Just Took 3 Sheets Of Tolite Tissue Dipped Them In Bleach And Swallowed Them With Milk Also Took Some Of My Lil Brother Penicilian Hope I Pass


      Taking Penicillin when you don’t have an infection is nonsensical and dangerous to the entire microbiological ecosystem of the world. Also, try spell checking before you post.

  • Lady Foxx

    I have used bleach on a q-tip swab and did it the night before a drug test. Didn’t eat or drink anything with sugar in it nor nothing sweet…. Passed my drug test and been telling everyone about it and they passed theres. #westillhere

  • Lee

    Look drinking a cap full of bleach in a 16oz cup of milk will not clean your system totally but it does give you a 2 hour window to pass a drug test.

  • Hector Munoz

    Yes bleach does help you pass a drug test. I smoked a joint when I was on leave once and my service buddy told me what to do. It worked. I haven’t smoked weed in over a decade but I did pass a government drug test. So yes it does work.

  • Tye

    Well I have a drug test tomorrow on Friday and last week I smoked 2 blunts with loud and a joint with mid in it. I weight about 125lb and im 5’4 Is the q-tip with bleach the best method for me? Or the three toilet paper balls w/ bleach better? Not to mention i’m only 13 years old, I fucking hate the system and their dirty ways…

  • Pale Rider

    So…. Despite feeling like crap today, the cap full of bleach trick has failed my home test kit. And not to mention I took Sonny’s #7 a week ago and have not had anything to smoke. Pee was definitely clear, but still positive for thc. Spare yourselves the torture. Either buy some clean pee or stop smoking way in advance. I hope I am not screwed. I will say that when I was 18 it did work but I may have not smoked quite so often back then. I have a high metabolism and am 170 lbs 5’11”. I’m not disproving or approving this method. I am saying this though…… Declassify it as a controlled substance FED GOVT!

  • Steve Campbell

    All your life you’ve surely heard of using bleach to make drinking water safe. CDC says 1/4 teaspoon to a gallon is good. You silly alarmists have no idea what you’re talking about.


    Plus household chlorine bleach is specifically named as safe for adding to drinking water:
    “Because chlorine is a toxic gas, there is a danger of a release associated with its use. This problem is avoided by the use of sodium hypochlorite, which is a relatively inexpensive solution used in household bleach that releases free chlorine when dissolved in water.

    also see

    The idiots are the only ones calling people “Idiots” here. You’re what I like to call “Between the Liners”. The world will certainly end if you ever draw outside the lines 🙂 🙂

  • Suspect

    Just take a Q-tip take the coton off one side tear it in half into two little pieces of cotton dip it in Bleach then squeeze the bleach out then pop them like a pill then drink about 2 gallons of water and then I promise you you’ll pass a UA test and in the lab, I used to do that back in the days when I was doing drugs but I’ve been clean now for about 6 years so just giving you all the heads up and good luck try to be strong and stay off them drugs they’re bad for you my prayers go out to all you guys I hope you guys find the help to stay off them drugs and get your life back together I promise you once you get off them drugs you’ll have a wonderful life and you’ll be blessed to see the real world.

  • Jjk

    You all are retarded.the only thing drinking bleach will accomplish is killing your organs and could lead to organ failure spend spend $15 at any gas station and get Jazz total detox cleaner you can take the test high and still pass

  • Michael

    I drank like half a cap of bleach mixed with water and then drank a half gallon of water two days prior to my drug test . I passed the test . Bleach does work

  • Ape

    First of all, Bleach is used to sanitize water in many scenarios. The method of drinking bleach to pass a drug test does NOT involve drinking more than a few drops. Moreover, it includes diluting it in at least a half gallon of non-alchoholic fluids such as milk, water, and/or juice. Lighten up you f*ckin mongers.
    I’ve done it on multiple occasions, I passed every time, and I’m healthy.

  • Solena

    I know drinking bleach sounds stupid but it DOES work. I did 10 hydrocodone 10’s the day before my drug g screen, drank bleach right before and passed with flying colors!

  • Certified Physician(believe me)

    why go through the trouble of swallowing the bleach, which can cause all kinds of damage to multiple organs when you can get it in and only damage 1?? i’m talking about an oil change, very safe and extremely effective! first you insert a rubber tube, your choice of thickness, into the penis hole. when pee starts flowing you will know you have hit the bladder. next take a big mouthful of bleach and blow it through the tube into the bladder. voila, your piss will be so clean you could even use it to disinfect your toilet! do it now, thank me later!

  • Dr.Greenthumb

    You don’t drink bleach, you put two droplets on a small piece of tissue/toilet paper or something that dissolves fast once ingested drink lots of water obviously and drink Gatorade or tea something that will not make it look obvious that you’ve just been drinking a lot of water this will ensure you pass but you have to do it before the test and during the test urinate a little in the toilet bowl and the rest in the test this has only works for those who have smoked cannabis I haven’t tried it with other drugs but it is effective though it is true that it can be harmful to your body I only recommend this as a last resort use a detox drink if possible.

  • Greg Gardner

    Reality. This rumor about bleach working from drinking it it’s totally false. Because I drink a lot of liquids they’re flushing it out of their system and it has nothing to do with the Bleach. This rumor is out there from a bunch of teenage rebelling kids. Not individuals that are older and smoke marijuana or take drugs often. And for anyone to encourage someone to drink bleach and saying yeah it works should be just as guilty as someone pulling a trigger and a gun. Because of their lack of knowledge and stupidity they’re going to tell some kid that may read this hey dude it might work. The best way to pass a test it’s not do it at all. But if you’re going to take a chance. And you have to try to do something about it I suggest drinking as many Coca-Cola dr. Pepper whatever you drink and water as possible to try and flush your system out I’ve even heard pickle juice. Bottom line is don’t take anything that’s not made for you to not drink

    • C A L

      I was open to the will bleach pass a drug test and im here to tell you all I failed that bitch. I worked on boats 3 weeks on 3 weeks off. I blew quite a bit of weed on my last off time and not even a week into my following hitch I was notified of a drug screen that day . I did the old hood remedy dropped a kleenex in some bleach and swallowed it like a pill then drank over half a gallon of water a hour before the test, yes I pissed like there was no tomorrow but a week later I found out I failed and was dropped off at the dock immediately. All that shit did was get my hopes up and I lost a damn good job. The moral of the story which is hard to grasp is if you have a good job be smart and don’t smoke weed. Im probably blacklisted from the water right now because a joint was fun but it wasn’t worth over a grand a week. If you do this good fuckin luck. I get higher than Willy Nelson and snoop dogg I’m a few weeks I’ll be to broke to buy a fuckin blunt unless some job ignores a background check BECAUSE I FAILED. Keep that in mind.

      P.s my stomach and kidneys hurt for a couple days after eating a damn kleenex soaked soaked in bleach. Those who said it worked your amateurs when it comes to blowing green cuz I went a week sober before my test and still failed the shit

  • GrammarPolice101

    STEP 1.

    Know what you’re up against! Research the duration of time it takes for the body to remove said drug from your system. This information is better researched and generally accurate.

    Are you being swabbed, urine tested or having hair mineral analysis. This is important. Swab is the easiest to fool or pass. Urine test can be analyzed more accurately and can see further back in time. It can also display efforts of trying to mask or dilute the result. Hair Mineral is expensive and less common but very thorough and dreaded the most. They only need 1.5 cms of hair from anywhere on your body.

    STEP 2.

    Now you know the durations. Abstain from drug use entirely until testing.

    STEP 3.

    Detox yourself. Water Water Water, urinate and repeat. Avoid fatty foods, Avoid high Carbohydrate diet, Avoid salty foods, Eat plenty of green vegetables and green apples with the skin on. Almonds, fresh salmon, asparagus, anything high in antioxidants. Coffee is a diuretic which makes you wee but keeps you awake, sleep is crucial to healing and regeneration. Exercise! Make yourself sweat and get your heart rate up, this makes your blood flow faster and cleanse itself quicker. If you don’t or cant exercise, go to a sauna at your local gym. Try the snake oil in conjunction with the above if you want to but dont rely on it alone. Vinegar, Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C, Baking Soda Diluted each have their own merits and wont hurt you potentially like bleach could but remember, everything is toxic to you at the right levels.

    STEP 4.

    Consider your options.

    Can you stall the testing and find a good reason not to attend for a while?

    Can you aqquire a fresh and clean, human urine sample from someone else? Make sure it’s human and make sure it’s fresh. Fake urine can and has worked but is highly problematic. If it’s the wrong temperature, you’ll flag and then they may ask you for a hair sample.

    Storing and Administration of the fake or substitute urine is the tricky part. Usually the person testing you is standing behind you and looking out for unusual movement or sound or flow stream etc.

    In summary,


    ….and pass


    GET HIGH and hope for the best. Good luck all and hope they don’t spring a random on the spot test. (Usually a swab)

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Ben

    All you haters out there are retarded. I’ve seen someone drink half a gallon of bleach. It will not kill you. The cap of bleach with milk is my go to, works every time. If any of you assholes who think differently should just text me at(479) 321-4850, cuz I don’t want to get back on here and deal with your shit.

  • Joseph

    1st off why drink bleach? Why not take a 1/2 tablespoon and just Put in in the urine after u pee? Bleach can kill u! I’ve seen people drinking with me and positive results so if ur willing to risk ur life then a few days in jail or a failed job then u are an idiot. Bleach will work if u put a little in your pee after. Don’t drink it point blank

  • Jibblet

    the idea, based on what I’ve heard, is that bleach eradicates methamphetamine, and so by having a small trace of bleach run through your system, it effectively wipes out the meth and its metabolites at a faster rate. Is it true? I can not say, and research has yet to yield me a clear and conclusive answer.

  • Vic

    Well heck, I was just trying to find out if I could take a pill that happened to drop on the floor I just mopped. I don’t need to know how to pass a drug test, but at least I know I can take the pill that was dropped in diluted Clorox.

  • Angela

    My mom tried this a fell back into the wall eyes wide open blank stare big eyes as if she went into shock and begin to vomit like her mouth was a fire hose ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS and scary people don’t try this stupid shit. She literally went out of earths normality and when she snapped out of it and stopped vomiting she didn’t even remember what had happened. Seeing that changed my life forever.

  • Carlos Alberto Osollo

    Its not about the grammar. He made his point across. Dont be so rude to people like us who learn from each other. Mr. Grammar

  • Damon Pace

    Yes it does work. If you never tried it you cant say that it will or wont work. I wouldn’t suggest doing it unless absolutely necessary and then drink lots of liquid.

  • Wriskeybizness

    I drank bleach with a half gallon of whole milk a few times when I was in my late teens to pass a drug test. I now have horrific heart burn and stomach pain from just drinking water. Please don’t do this. I beg you. Just say no to weed and shit if you’re on probation. I’m probably gonna die from this shit. There are better ways. If you can’t say no while on probation, seek help and join a 12 step program.