Element Crossword Puzzle – Countries of the World

This element crossword puzzle is full of names of different countries from around the world. To figure out which countries have been included, you will need to know the element symbols of the elements listed in the clues.

Element Crossword Puzzle - Countries of the World

Each clue is a list of elements. Piece together their element symbols and spell out the name of the country. Download and print the PDF of this puzzle.

If you don’t remember the symbols for a particular element, an alphabetical list of elements with symbols can be found on our List of Element Symbols page.

If you get stuck, check out the solution here or download a PDF of the solved puzzle.

Element Crossword Puzzle – List of Answers


3. P H I Li P P In Es
4. I Ce La Nd
8. Ar Ge N Ti Na
9. F Ra N Ce
11. Si N Ga Po Re
15. Ba H Ra In
16. Ba H Am As
17. Ne Th Er La Nd S
18. Ne P Al
19. Po La Nd
20. Ho Nd U Ra S


1. U Ni Te Ds Ta Te S O F Am Er I Ca
2. S Pa I N
5. Mo Na Co
6. U K Ra I Ne
10. C H I Na
12. Pa K I S Ta N
13. I Re La Nd
14. F In La Nd

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