Element Names in Different Languages

Element names in different languages are not always the same. For example, if you ask for a radio in the United States, you can listen to music. In Spanish, you'll get radium.

Element names in different languages are not always the same. For example, if you ask for a radio in the United States, you can listen to music. In Spanish, you’ll get radium.

Although the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has a standard periodic table and list of chemical elements, the names and symbols you see on your periodic table often depend on which language you speak and country you live in. Here’s a table of element names in different language, so you can compare them.

Element Names in Different Languages

The languages I have so far are English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. I’m happy to add more language if you supply the names! Periodic tables on this site are presently available in English, French, German, and Spanish. Again, I’m happy to work with you to make them in your language, in any style.

The element names are given in alphabetical order, based on the English names. Note, element names are always capitalized in German.

English French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
actinium actinium Actinium attinio actínio actinio
aluminum* aluminium Aluminium alluminio alumínio aluminio
americium américium Americium americio amerício americio
antimony antimoine Antimon antimonio antimónio antimonio
argon argon Argon argo argônio argón
arsenic arsenic Arsen arsenico arsénic arsénico
astatine astate Astat astato astato astato
barium baryum Barium bario bário bario
berkelium berkélium Berkelium berkelio berquélio berkelio
beryllium béryllium Beryllium berillio berílio berilio
bismuth bismuth Wismut bismuto bismuto bismuto
bohrium bohrium Bohrium bohrio bóhrio bohrio
boron bore Bor boro boro boro
bromine brome Brom bromo bromo bromo
cadmium cadmium Cadmium cadmio cádmio cadmio
calcium calcium Calcium calcio cálcio calcio
californium californium Californium californio califórnio californio
carbon carbone Kohlenstoff carbonio carbono carbono
cerium cérium Cer cerio cério cerio
cesium césium Caesium cesio césio cesio
chlorine chlore Chlor cloro cloro cloro
chromium chrome Chrom cromo crómio cromo
cobalt cobalt Kobalt cobalto cobalto cobalto
copper cuivre Kupfer rame cobre cobre
curium curium Curium curio curio curio
dubnium dubnium Dubnium dubnio dúbnio dubnio
dysprosium dysprosium Dysprosium disprosio disprósio disprosio
einsteinium einsteinium Einsteinium einsteinio einstenio einstenio
erbium erbium Erbium erbio érbio erbio
europium europium Europium europio európio europio
fermium fermium Fermium fermio fermio fermio
fluorine fluor Fluor fluoro fluor flúor
francium francium Francium francio frâncio francio
gadolinium gadolinium Gadolinium gadolinio gadolíneo gadolinio
gallium gallium <Gallium/td> gallio gálio galio
germanium germanium Germanium germanio germânio germanio
gold or Gold oro ouro oro
hafnium hafnium Hafnium afnio háfnio hafnio
hassium hassium Hassium hassio <hássio/td> hassio
helium hélium Helium elio hélio helio
holmium holmium Holmium olmio hólmio holmio
hydrogen hydrogène Wasserstoff idrogeno hidrogênio hidrógeno
indium indium Indium indio índio indio
iodine iode Iod iodio iodo yodo
iridium iridium Iridium iridio irídio iridio
iron fer Eisen ferro ferro hierro
krypton krypton Krypton cripto criptônio kriptón
lanthanum lanthane Lanthan lantanio lantânio lantano
lawrencium lawrencium Lawrencium lawrentio laurêncio lawrencio
lead plomb Blei piombo chumbo plomo
lithium lithium Lithium litio litio litio
lutetium lutetium Lutetium lutezio lutécio lutecio
magnesium magnésium Magnesium magnesio magnésio magnesio
manganese manganèse Mangan manganese manganês manganeso
meitnerium meitnerium Meitnerium meitnerio meitnério meitnerio
mendelevium mendelévium Mendelevium mendelevio mendelévio mendelevio
mercury mercure Quecksilber mercurio mercúrio mercurio
molybdenum molybdène Molybdän molibdeno molibdênio molibdeno
neodymium néodyme Neodym neodimio neodímio neodimio
neon néon Neon neo neônio neón
neptunium neptunium Neptunium nettunio neptúnio neptunio
nickel nickel Nickel nichel niquel niquel
niobium niobium Niob niobio nióbio niobio
nitrogen azote Stickstoff azoto nitrogênio nitrógeno
nobelium nobélium Nobelium nobelio nobélio nobelio
osmium osmium Osmium osmio osmio osmio
oxygen oxygène Sauerstoff ossigeno oxigénio oxígeno
palladium palladium Palladium palladio paládio paladio
phosphorus phosphore Phosphor fosforo fósforo fósforo
platinum platine Platin platino platina platino
plutonium plutonium Plutonium plutonio plutónio plutonio
polonium polonium Polonium polonio polónio polonio
potassium potassium Kalium potassio potássio potasio
praseodymium praséodyme Praseodym praseodimio praseodímio praseodimio
promethium prométhium Promethium prometo promécio prometio
protactinium protactinium Protactinium protoattinio protacnídio protactinio
radium radium Radium radio rádio radio
radon radon Radon radon (emanio) rádon radón
rhenium rhénium Rhenium renio rénio renio
rhodium rhodium Rhodium rodio ródio rodio
rubidium rubidium Rubidium rubidio rubídio rubidio
ruthenium ruthénium Ruthenium rutenio ruténio rutenio
rutherfordium rutherfordium Rutherfordium rutherfordio ruterfórdio rutherfordio
samarium samarium Samarium samario samário samario
scandium scandium Scandium scandio escândio escandio
seaborgium seaborgium Seaborgium seaborgio seabórgio seaborgio
selenium sélénium Selen selenio selénio selenio
silicon silicium Silicium silicio silício silicio
silver argent Silber argento prata plata
sodium sodium Natrium sodio sódio sodio
strontium strontium Strontium stronzio estrôncio estroncio
sulfur soufre Schwefel solfo enxofre azufre
tantalum tantale Tantal tantalio tântalo tántalo
technetium technétium Technetium tecneto tecnécio tecnecio
tellurium tellure Tellur tellurio telúrio teluro
terbium terbium Terbium terbio térbio terbio
thallium thallium Thallium tallio tálio talio
thorium thorium Thorium torio tório torio
thulium thulium Thulium tulio túlio tulio
tin etain Zinn stagno estanho estaño
titanium titane Titan titanio titânio titanio
tungsten tungstène Wolfram wolframio tungsténio wolframio
uranium uranium Uran uranio urânio uranio
vanadium vanadium Vanadium vanadio vanádio vanadio
xenon xénon Xenon xeno xénon xenón
ytterbium ytterbium Ytterbium itterbio itérbio yterbio
yttrium yttrium Yttrium ittrio itrio ytrio
zinc zinc Zink zinco zinco cinc
zirconium zirconium Zirkonium zirconio zircónio circonio

*In American English, element number 13 is aluminum, while most other English-speaking countries use the aluminium spelling.

Why Are Elements Named Differently?

Elements got different names because multiple civilizations were aware of them and had names long before an international periodic table was developed. Some elements have been known for thousands of years, so the names evolved over time. Other times, names are different because of phonemic constraints (how you can pronounce a spelling in a language). Also, the discovery of some elements was contested. More recently discovered elements tend to only have one name because naming now follows IUPAC guidelines.

Check My Work

If you see an error, please let me know! I researched the names and spellings, but am aware there is some dispute over certain names. The English is American English — let me know if your English is different from mine. Feel free to post a comment if you have an alternate name/spelling to propose in your language.


John Emsley. Nature’s Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide to the Elements. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003.

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