Chemistry Problems With Answers

Chemistry Problems
Examining and working chemistry problems is a great way to master concepts.

Use chemistry problems as a tool for mastering chemistry concepts. Some of these examples show using formulas while others include lists of examples.

Acids, Bases, and pH Chemistry Problems

Learn about acids and bases. See how to calculate pH, pOH, Ka, Kb, pKa, and pKb.

Atomic Structure Problems

Learn about atomic mass, the Bohr model, and the part of the atom.

Chemical Bonds

Learn how to use electronegativity to determine whether atoms form ionic or covalent bonds. See chemistry problems drawing Lewis structures.

Chemical Equations

Practice writing and balancing chemical equations.

Concentration and Solutions

Learn how to calculate concentration and explore chemistry problems that affect chemical concentration, including freezing point depression, boiling point elevation, and vapor pressure elevation.

Error Calculations

Learn about the types of error and see worked chemistry example problems.

Equilibrium Chemistry Problems

Learn about Le Chatelier’s principle, reaction rates, and equilibrium.

Gas Laws

Practice chemistry problems using the gas laws, including Raoult’s law, Graham’s law, Boyle’s law, Charles’ law, and Dalton’s law of partial pressures.


Some chemistry problems ask you identify examples of states of matter and types of mixtures. While there are any chemical formulas to know, it’s still nice to have lists of examples.

Molecular Structure Chemistry Problems

See chemistry problems writing chemical formulas. See examples of monatomic and diatomic elements.


Practice chemistry problems naming ionic compounds, hydrocarbons, and covalent compounds.

Nuclear Chemistry

These chemistry problems involve isotopes, nuclear symbols, half-life, radioactive decay, fission, fusion.

Periodic Table

Learn how to use a periodic table and explore periodic table trends.

Physical Chemistry

Explore thermochemistry and physical chemistry, including enthalpy, entropy, heat of fusion, and heat of vaporization.

Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemistry Problems

See chemistry problems involving the interaction between light and matter.

Stoichiometry Chemistry Problems

Practice chemistry problems balancing formulas for mass and charge. Learn about reactants and products.

Unit Conversions

There are some many examples of unit conversions that they have their own separate page!