Fun Chemistry Mole Puns For Mole Day 1

Chemistry Mole

This chemistry mole would be better suited as a mascot for Mole Day than the actual mole unit.

Mole day is celebrated every year on October 23 from 6:02 am to 6:02 pm. This holiday honors chemistry’s own measurement unit corresponding to Avogadro’s Number: 6.02 x 1023. You can spend the day learning more about the mole, play a few rounds of “Whack a Mole” or have some guacamole. What better way to spend Mole Day than sharing a few mole puns with our friend Chemistry Mole.

Chemistry Mole Loves Avocados

Just add nachos!

Chemistry Mole's Solution

Back teeth at any rate…

Molecules and Chemistry Mole

How many moles of molecules are in your average Chemistry Mole?

Chemistry Mole and Breakfast

Chemistry Mole knows what’s best for pancakes.

Chemistry Mole Test Taking Preferences

Chemistry Mole feels it is better to be lucky than spend time studying.

Chemistry Mole and Math Class

Even chemistry mole needs to learn mathematics.

Mo Chemistry Mole

Mo Chemistry Mole puns please!

Chemistry Mole and Summer Fruit

Chemistry Mole loves his watermolens. He’s actually a fan of any molens.

Chemistry Mole in the 10th Grade

You could call them brilliant instead…

Chemisty Mole and the Foul Odors

Organic chemistry is full of moleodorous compounds.

King Chemistry Mole

Long Live Chemistry Mole!

Hanging Chemistry Mole

Chemistry Mole’s parties get wild enough to hang from the chandeliers.

Chemistry Mole is Dismole

Poor sad mole 🙁

Chemistry Mole and Marshmallows

Save some for smores!

Chemistry Mole is a Generous Host

Chemistry Mole is a gracious host.

Chemistry Mole and Friends Digging in the Yard

Chemistry Mole says ‘Bottom’s Up!’

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