HD Periodic Table Wallpaper – Muted Colors

This HD periodic table wallpaper lists each element name, element family, atomic number, element symbol, group, and atomic mass. The table is lightly colored so you can read it easily. This color wallpaper is ideal for 1920×1080 screens, plus it prints and resizes cleanly for other resolutions. This HD periodic table is a freshly updated version of the original chart featured on the site. This new table is available as a PDF file for easy reference and printing.

We recommend the latest version of this table, with all 118 elements:

Printable Color Periodic Table - 2016 Edition

Printable Periodic Table – Transparent Background

The most popular version of this table is the older version before the 4 additional elements were added:

2015-2016 Muted Periodic Table - Transparent Background
2015-2016 Muted Periodic Table – Transparent Background

The background of this HD periodic table wallpaper appears white but is actually transparent. If you use it as a mobile background, icons and apps will remain visible. This also means you can print the table on colored paper and there won’t be any weird border. There is a key for reading element cells and an explanation of colors of element groups.

Printable Periodic Table – Black Background

New Muted Periodic Table - Black Background
New Muted Periodic Table – Black Background

This is the same periodic table, but with a dark background rather than a transparent one. The black background periodic table looks especially nice on monitors and other screens. If you print it, you will use a lot of toner. Best to print at school or work, rather than home (don’t worry, we won’t tell).

Printing Instructions

Choose Landscape and Fit To Page for your printing options. The HD printable periodic table adapts seamlessly to different size screens and printing options. Remember, you can print the “white” one on colored paper for a special effect. If you have trouble printing the PDF files, check to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader or try switching browsers (this works for us). Sometimes when browsers update, weirdness happens. That is beyond our control, but we can help you with printing options.

Making a Periodic Table Poster

Would you like a periodic table poster for your wall? One way to print a poster is to take the image file to a professional printer like Kinko’s. This is a good option if you want an extra-large poster or one that is laminated, but you can also spread out the image at home or the office between different sheets of paper using a regular printer and then assemble the pieces. You can either trim the edges or else remove the margin restriction to fill the entire page and apply tape to the back of the table to complete the poster. The print preview option lets you see what you’ll be getting.

HD Periodic Table Wallpaper with White or Transparent Background

The following charts are the archived versions of the popular muted colors HD periodic table. While the newer files posted above are superior, we retain the older files in case you need them. They are still nice, after all!

2015 HD Periodic Table Wallpaper with Color Element Cells
2015 HD Periodic Table Wallpaper with Color Element Cells

Black Background HD Periodic Table

This HD wallpaper is also available with a black background. The periodic table contains all the same information about elements and periodicity as the white table. It is 1920×1080 pixels and resizes cleanly. Because it’s black, it will overlay backgrounds and icons on monitors. If you would like to download to save and print this HD periodic table wallpaper, a PDF file is available.

HD Periodic Table Wallpaper with Black Background
HD Periodic Table Wallpaper with Black Background

If you need a black and white table or a periodic table that features other information, you’re sure to find one in the periodic table collection here at Science Notes. If you don’t see what you need, leave a comment or send a message to let us know! We’re always on the lookout for new table designs. Here are a few more printable periodic table wallpaper images you may like:

Black and White Periodic Table

This is the most popular black/white periodic table, using IUPAC significant figures for atomic mass. Want the same table, except with color? You can get the PDF file of this table or the IUPAC table with a color background, to easily view the element groups. This is a nice reference table to use working chemistry problems.

Essential Black and White Periodic Table
Essential Black and White Periodic Table

Comprehensive Periodic Table Wallpaper

This is a good table to use if you need a periodic table with more data, including element state of matter, element periods, oxidation states, and electron shell configurations. Because there is so much information inside each element tile, either print the table on a large sheet of paper or zoom in if it’s on your mobile device. A key for each element cell is given at the top of the table:

Complete Periodic Table
Complete Periodic Table

Printable Periodic Table Wallpaper

This is the original periodic table wallpaper on the website. It’s a classic printable table, with clear text and pleasant colors. There’s a key for the element group colors directly below the body of the table. This printable wallpaper features some of the brightest colors of the tables. Of course, it looks great on white paper, but it’s also nice on a dark background.

Printable Periodic Table Wallpaper
Printable Periodic Table Wallpaper

Printable Periodic Table Terms of Use

These HD periodic table wallpapers are copyrighted. We’re happy you print them, hand them out, put them on your phones, etc. You may not post them on your own website or sell them (Getty, this means you). Please link to a table rather than post it on your own website and kindly don’t sell products featuring our tables. If you’d like to use any of the tables for printed publications, please submit a request. You can find our periodic tables in many printed publications — this makes us very happy! Having our tables taken and sold by others does not.