Holiday Periodic Table Wallpapers 2

Add a bit of chemistry to your holidays with these holiday periodic table wallpapers. Each color periodic table contains a different holiday icon to represent the different element groups. All tables contain the element’s atomic number, symbol, name, and atomic mass. Click the image to view the full-sized, 1920×1080 wallpaper.

Keep your eye on this page as new ones are added as they are created.

Valentines Day Periodic Table

Valentine Peroidic Table - 2017 Edition

Share your love of the elements with this periodic table wallpaper has different colored hearts for the different element groups.

Saint Patrick’s Day Periodic Table

St Patrick's Day Periodic Table With 118 Elements

Show off your green with this St. Patrick’s Day periodic table wallpaper. Each element group is represented by a different four-leaved clover. All on a green and black swirled background.

Easter Periodic Table

Easter Egg Themed Periodic Table

Hunt your favorite element with this periodic table Easter Egg Hunt. Each egg contains an element’s number, symbol, name and atomic weight.

Halloween Periodic Table

Halloween Periodic Table Wallpaper with 118 Elements

Geek up your Halloween with this Periodic Table Wallpaper. Each element group is represented by a different Halloween themed icon. This table was my first holiday table and still my favorite.

Thanksgiving Periodic Table

2016 Thanksgiving Periodic Table

Halloween is over, change your Halloween table to a Thanksgiving themed table. Each element is represented by a colored turkey with the usual atomic number, symbol, name, and atomic mass.

Christmas Periodic Table

Christmas Periodic Table

Spruce up your holiday desktop with this Christmas themed periodic table wallpaper. Each element group is represented by a different holiday icon and has each element’s atomic number, symbol, name, and atomic mass.

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